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The Importance of A Recruitment Script Login System

Aug 17, 2007
Evidently, not all recruitment scripts are the same and depending on your experience with searching for the right one, you might have run into some real ding-dongs out there. Ranging from costing nothing at all to costing hundreds of dollars or more, recruitment scripts significantly vary in both quality and function. This article will describe one very important feature that every recruitment script should provide regardless of price.

To protect the people that use the recruitment script, including the administrator (you), job seekers, and employers, the script should ensure each individual that all member records are kept private. This includes the names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers (for tax reasons) and financial information (credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc.) of those who will perform transactions on the site.

The recruitment script should allow each person to create a unique username and password that will be used to create and access an account that stores this kind of personal information. None of this information should be accessible by anyone other than the its original account owner.

In addition to storing personal information, the same login section should allow each member to describe his or her skill set. Freelancers should be able to post a resume and clients should be able to post a description of their businesses. Although most of the information contained in the login section should be private, resumes and business descriptions should be accessible by all members that access the recruitment script. Global access to these descriptions is vital to the success of the job board since freelancers and clients will want to learn about each other.

Another reason why every recruitment script needs a login system is to prevent spam. Since each recruitment script is accessible and viewable from the web, spammers will take advantage of a system that doesn't verify who has and who hasn't permission to use it. Spammers will always post inappropriate ads and with today's technology, they can fill a job board with nonsense advertisements overnight and essentially make the board unusable before the next morning.

To make your recruitment script more personal and interactive, you can set it up so that only specific services are available to those who log in. For example, you may not want to show the entire list of available jobs to just any person who stumbles across your recruitment script. Or you may not want just any stranger reading freelancer's replies to client requests. By requiring members to log in first, your recruitment script can display its whole list of available jobs and freelancer replies (and more) only after visitors enter the site with a personal username and password.

One of the key ideas behind a recruitment script is automation and through automation, you can take advantage of such processes via logging. Any recruitment script worth its weight will automatically record all member activities (signing in, posting jobs, responding to jobs, etc.). These records can be handy should a client or freelancer need to track the jobs that they've received, assigned, completed, or paid for. But since this information is private, access via lock and key (username and password) is an absolute requirement.

Of course nothing in a member's account should be non-editable. Over time, people move and change addresses, they get married (or get divorced) and change names, they switch banks, they get new credit card numbers, and so on and so forth. Therefore the information created as a member should be editable and should be quickly accessed by other critical parts of the recruitment script to accurately send out checks in a timely manner, for example. There's probably nothing more haphazard and disorganized than an online business that doesn't update edited records or work with new information as soon as it's made available.

As you can see, a recruitment script's login system is a vital part of keeping a job board not only safe and secure for everyone to use, it's also responsible for building a working environment that's accurate, responsible, timely, and trustworthy. In every aspect, an online recruitment script should duplicate the professional practices exemplified in a temporary employment office or other similar work environment. After all, in our new Internet-based society, the security and protection of private information could never be more important with detrimental cases of identity theft increasing everyday,

So when looking over your options, be sure to select a recruitment script that offers a login system with the features described above.
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