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Why Become a Distributor

Aug 17, 2007
You may come up with the question at any time- why become a distributor? There are so many other options available. Why become a distributor when you can start your own business or you can become an employee?

As a distributor, you have many facilities and benefits. These benefits are special to the distributors only. These facilities are specific to the distributors. Some such facilities and benefits are Inventory buy back, customized packaging, private labeling, more product line, competitive pricing, and others. When you are left with some unsold inventory, you can send them back to the company. You get your money back. Customized packaging for your and private labeling is offered to you in some cases. You can always get the products at a competitive price.
As a distributor, you also get better product lines from the company. No advertising needed, the company bears it all.

As a distributor, you get a share of the profit you make for the company by selling their products and services. The more profit you can make, the more share you can get from it.

There is a support system available for distributors also. You are supported in marketing, sales, promotion, and other operations. Training is also provided to you from the company. This helps in learning sales, marketing, operation, and the business as well.

Distributorship is a strong influential position. You can influence the company's decision regarding distributing and sales through distributing network. The influence is possible because you offer a lot of profit to the company in the form of sales.

When you can not start your own company because of many reasons, you can become a distributor. As a distributor, you have your own business. You also perform the same business functions. You can enjoy it also, if you enjoy doing business. You have your operations, you have our finance department, you have people working under you, and you have your office and so on.

Use your entrepreneurship skills. When you become a distributor, you can use your entrepreneurial skills. In other services or employment there is lesser scope for using your skills. Here you can use those skills as they are needed for your business.

Risk is less in becoming a distributor. When you have your own business, you take a huge risk. If it does not work, then you will lose a lot financially. But in case of distributorship, your loss will be less. There are provisions of getting back the money invested in inventory by buy back process. Also the inventories that do not sold are taken back by the company. In many cases, you will also get the fee you paid for distributorship, when you want to stop distributing the product.

If you want to start your business, first working as a distributor may be more beneficial for you. First learn the business and then go for your own business. Get experience first doing this, then start your own business

Learn from the company how it does business, how it manages, and how things go. Sales and marketing experience will help you later when you start your own.
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