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Overcoming Myths About Reseller Web Hosting

Aug 17, 2007
For those who go about it the right way, now is an excellent time to build a successful web hosting reseller business. However, those who consider the web hosting reseller business to be a "get rich quick" scheme that requires little or no effort to establish and run are likely to be very disappointed.

Some people think that the only energy required to profit from the a web hosting reseller business is the effort they will expend counting all of their money as it rolls in freely each month. This is a myth. Keep in mind that stories about get rich schemes that occur with little are no effort really are too good to be true. There is not such thing as an effort-free way to make money.

Building any type of successful business requires dedication, a great deal of hard work, and a long-tem commitment to investing the time and capital necessary to begin to see a sound return on your investment. There is, however, great potential for financial reward for those who go about setting up, marketing, and running their web hosting reseller business in the proper manner.

Myth: All You Do is Click a Few Buttons

Those who own web hosting reseller businesses will need to be skilled with using the control panel management functionality that their service provider has. One of the most popular control panels for web hosting is cPanel. The cPanel system's Web Host Manager has a graphical user interface (GUI) and isn't extraordinarily difficult to operate.

As a web hosting reseller, you are going to have to have sufficient technical skill to effectively work with the cPanel Web Host Manager. As a web hosting reseller, you are likely to be responsible for handle a variety of site administration tasks for your clients through cPanel's Web Host Manager. You will need to have an understanding of the numerous website administration functions that can be performed through the cPanel Web Host Manager. You can't just randomly click buttons in the control panel without knowing the potential impact your actions might have on your clients' business critical websites.

Additionally, it is highly likely that there may be times that your web hosting reseller clients need assistance with their sites that goes beyond the realm of what the cPanel Web Host Manager can accommodate. It is important to keep in mind that control panels are only a tool to help with the most common tasks.

To be a successful web host reseller that provides adequate customer service, you need to know more web sit hosting that just how to click the appropriate buttons in cPanel Web Host Manager. You are also going to need skills in with both Linux and Windows operating systems in order to configure and secure your system, as well as to troubleshoot the issues that are sure to arise.

Myth: You Don't Need to Know the Hardware

There is more to being able to run a successful web hosting company than buying hardware space and putting other people's websites on the space. Even though you are a reseller for hardware that is owned by your web hosting provider, you need to be knowledgeable about they types of hardware in use and its limitations and capabilities.

When you are working with current and prospective clients, you have to keep the capabilities and limitations of the equipment on which you own space. Just because you can get the site to fit within the space you have does not mean that the space you have is sufficient for the site to operate as intended.

Web hosting is about more than just space. In addition to knowing how much space the site will physically occupy, you must also be knowledgeable about the site's bandwidth requirements. You have to allocate sufficient bandwidth to allow for the websites expected traffic, as well as processing activities at all times.

If a customer's site fits on your web host, but runs poorly due to a lack of sufficient bandwidth, you are going to have a very dissatisfied customer on your hands.. As a web hosting reseller, you have to be knowledgeable about bandwidth in order to provide quality web hosting services to your customers.

The Challenge of Competition

Of course, there are still many Internet speculators who look at web hosting businesses as an opportunity to make a fortune with no effort. Such companies are not likely to provide good service, but still get customers by offering rates that are cheaper than those provided by reputable hosting companies. Competitors who are disreputable, as well as those that simply lack the skill and knowledge needed to provide effective web hosting reseller services, give others in the industry a bad name.

Unfortunately, as long as gaining entry to the field of web hosting is fairly inexpensive and easy to do, there are always going to be less knowledgeable entrepreneurs entering the market. They may undercut your price, but their customers won't be satisfied. Hold steadfast in providing outstanding and knowledgeable service to your customers, and remember that the true test of business success is long-term satisfied customers who see you as an expert in the field of web hosting. As your customer's colleagues quickly learn that the cheapest hosting solutions aren't always the best ones, your customers will likely to refer their dissatisfied colleagues to you, and your business will grow exponentially.
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