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Creating Duplication in Your Network Marketing Business

Aug 17, 2007
If you happen to be one of the many people out there who are involved in network marketing and you are going through the moves necessary to make some real money in that avenue, it would probably be a good idea to implement a marketing technique called duplication.

Duplication is the process of creating a system in your network marketing endeavors that people who work under you will be able to copy, so to speak; this is why it is called duplication. Any good network marketing professional will create as duplicable a system as they possibly can; after all, their success is your success, right?

Duplication is important for a variety of reasons. First of all, duplication is important because it helps the marketer to be able to trade off their success to other people. This includes teaching their down lines and providing mentorship and coaching on some level or another, so that (in theory) the people that work underneath them can be able to reap the same type of success that they themselves have reached.

One of the keys to having a truly duplicable network marketing system is to make sure that it is simple, but still works. The simpler your system is the more easy it will be for your down lines to duplicate, although you should not take that to mean that you should go on and create any old system and make it simple, hoping for other people to be able to duplicate it and be successful. Your system has to be not only simple, but easily replicated by others and that is a very important step in having any type of success whatsoever in internet network marketing.

Duplication is important for a variety of reasons, but the main one is consistency. Consistency is the key to success in just about every business, and without a consistent business plan and business model it may be hard for others to be successful, although you might not have any problems doing so. What comes so easily to you might not come so easily to others and vice versa; therefore, as the 'model' marketer in your network marketing business, you need to make sure that you are able to not only do what it takes to be successful, but teach it as well.

One way of making sure that your business plan is duplicable and is duplicated is to only pass it on to people who are willing to do the same thing you do. Any internet network marketing people who you come across and want to be part of your business that are not willing to go about it in a way that will allow others to be successful as well. In this business, you have to worry about not only your success but the success of your down lines as well and that is a thing of extreme importance.

Another way to develop a good, duplicable business plan is to make sure that you are only working with talented, motivated people who care about your success and theirs. People who are looking to work whenever they have a spare moment are not going to be well worth your time, and if you want to even allow them to be included in what you are working on it may be a waste of your time and energy. In addition, people like this tend to drag an internet network marketing business down and that is not something that you should invest into. Keep in mind that however much you coach and however much you mentor, you cannot force a person to be successful and you definitely cannot force them to do what it means to be successful.

In the end, it is important to realize that not everybody is going to be worth working with and duplicating is an important part of being successful in the internet marketing business. Just remember to keep it as simple and replicable as possible.
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