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Aug 17, 2007
By anyone's account the internet is an amazing achievement in science and technology. With a few keystrokes and clicks any person with a computer can look up information, communicate with people around the world, send pictures of loved ones and access medical records. What do most of us do with this powerful tool? Go shopping!

Internet shopping is a consistently growing business due to the time it saves and the expedient way it allows us to make choices and receive our merchandise. Even people who love to grab a card and head to the mall have to admit there are advantages to internet shopping.

Bigger Sizes

Not everyone wears the size clothing they wish they did and not everyone has an average body weight or size. For those folks, shopping in stores can be a frustrating venture at best. Many clothing shops don't carry pants in long, opting instead for medium or short versions. However their online outlet stocks long in more sizes. The GAP store in the mall only carries up to size 16 pants. If you need an 18 or 20 you can go to Gap and get the size you want.

For women with larger breasts it's even harder to find a bra off the rack. Most stores stop their cup sizes at DD or E. If you happen to be larger you either need to order from a high priced custom dealer or you can go online to stores like figleaves find a bra the right size for you. For those of us who left size 12 or the B cup back in junior high, online shopping makes a lot of sense.

Custom Designs

With the mega stores like Wal-Mart and Target carrying "designer' things, its getting harder and harder to develop a signature style that is all your own. Even catalogs like Signals or Wireless have gotten so popular you can see their items and know where they came from. Online shopping lets you shop from stores around the world so your house, yard or wardrobe doesn't look or feel like everyone else's.

You can have people walk into your home and ask, "Where did you get that?" instead of saying, "Oh, I saw that at Kohl's." Use some online search and image searches to find things that show who you are, not just who corporate buyers think you should be.

Internet Incentives

Websites are a good way for stores to do business. For each on-line order that doesn't require a store to pay rent, electricity, clerks, or benefits, they package profits. Because of that it is in the store's best interest to get you to purchase things through their website. To do so many sites offer incentives and bonuses to get you to buy.

Best Buy is known for its internet incentive program as well as major chains such as Wal-mart, Target and Bath and Body Works. They can get rid of their overstock items by selling them more cheaply and still make a higher profit. That translates to savings to you. Buy more for your dollar by comparison shopping and taking advantage on some online specials.

The internet is not going to cure all the world's problems overnight. But it has made shopping more accessible, affordable and interesting than it ever was before.
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