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Aug 17, 2007
If you've ever dreamed of running your own online job board, then you're probably going to enjoy learning more about the Internet employment script - a simple utility that provides freelancers and employers with a convenient platform to trade services. There are plenty of examples to draw from and though they range from the most simple to the complex, Rentacoder, Elance, ScriptLance, GetACoder, and HotGigs are some of the better known websites that use an employment script.

In the not so distant future, we expect to see most (if not all) brick and mortar employment based-services completely reinvent themselves on the Internet and use the employment script as their sole means of jobs management. As we continue to refine our systems of operation, we increasingly discover just how important the Internet is in facilitating even some of the most daunting tasks. The employment script certainly facilitates the tasks of matching qualified freelancer to client, and there really is no reason why you couldn't be the owner of one of the most exciting pioneers of online economics today.

To some extent, an employment script attempts to remove every manual chore found in the typical employment office while enabling freelancer-client work relationships to flourish on their own. Some of the perks of such a semi-automated system include emailing new jobs to prospective freelancers, returning work/client/freelancer related search queries, summating monies paid and owed, taking advantage of RSS technology and more. Other perks may include automating ratings systems, emailing reminders, preventing unauthorized or inappropriate user-input (filters), or even sending verification emails.

With the right tools of course, the group of automated tasks as a whole can increase the overall efficiency of an employment script, but for the most part, it should never be the end all solution to such a large scale endeavor. That's because there's a fine balance that should be maintained between online automation and manual tasks. Other websites may appear to have completely automated their back end operations and entirely removed the need for a staff, but experience has shown that human involvement is not only inevitable, it's vital to the success of every employment script on the market today.

Perhaps the most threatening assumption behind using an employment script is the one that it never needs tending to. The other possibility is that an employment script begins to pay for itself the minute it's installed. Although the employment script can automate anywhere from 60-70% of manual tasks, people (like freelancers and clients) aren't comfortable investing in or committing to a tool that isn't overseen by empathy or intelligence beyond a few pages of complicated "if-then statements."

External events change and as "smart" as an employment script can be, it can never react to the wide variables that life springs upon us. Freelancers change addresses. Client's needs increase. Currency differs from country to country and employment or tax laws change at a whim. All these unpredictable aspects of life are typical events of the everyday workforce and no employment script could or should be expected to accommodate them without intervention.

The fact that a seemingly automated employment script actually requires manual involvement however isn't sufficient reason to abandon it. As the name implies, the employment script does what any script is designed to do - and that is to execute a series of repetitive tasks so that they don't take time away from other pertinent manual activities.

Some of these manual activities involve mailing checks, filing annual tax returns, monitoring arbitrations, or making the decision to remove disgruntled member-access from an employment script's daily operations. These activities and more may detract from the automation that the typical employment script tries to provide, but they only enhance the attentive quality that both freelancers and clients come to appreciate and respect.

Until the time comes where an employment script is capable of answering the many unpredictable circumstances that the working world physically gives us, we must continue to provide quality "hands on" service while enjoying the many automated tools that we currently have to work with.

Now and then you may run into an employment script that boasts 100% automation (or close to it). From trivial tasks to the most profound, people will always crave automation as though there were no tomorrow. In certain cases, this craving is warranted. After all, it's hard to build a sensible case against it. However as we've pointed out, circumstances will always dictate that automation to this extreme isn't warranted at all, but instead - a hindrance to a quality and professional work experience.
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