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Why 97% Of People Will Never Win

Aug 17, 2007
Look at the people around you. What do you see? Stress? Unhappiness? Boredom?

Most people will never escape what we call the 'rat race' to achieve any semblance of freedom in their lives for some sadly simple reasons. Listen up or you'll likely be one of them.

A basic fact of this game we call life is that you can't win simply by playing defense. This holds true for any game really. Most people are stuck defending a job they hate so they can make a mortgage or rent payment on a home they don't care for so they can keep their credit rating and avoid bancruptcy

When you look closely, most of the decisions an average person makes on a daily basis are simply defensive in nature. This is all fine and dandy as long as a person doesn't mind fighting their way through life to a draw.

You can't win a game simply by playing defense.

So how can one 'win' this game we call life? Well, for starters, we can stop defending things in our current lives that we don't particularly care for in the first place.

You probably loathe your job so why do you keep showing up?

That car of yours is probably not one you particularly care for so why do you keep making the payments?

Assuredly you've got an answer such as "I have to keep working or else __________ will happen." That's called playing defense. Which, again, is fine if you're content to struggle through life without chance of winning, but I'm willing to bet that's not the case.

You see, the first key to success in life is to stop defending the things you do have that you didn't really want in the first place and, yes, this takes courage. Luckily there is no competition in life for people who show even the slightest amount of persistent courage.

Playing 'not to lose' simply affirms over and over that the you already have what you want because after all you're defending it.

So step 1 in achieving life success is to stop defending the things already in your life that you don't particularly care for. When you do this you'll have time to play offense for a change and finally have a chance of winning the game! Rest assured, with 97% of people out there stuck playing defense against each other even a small offensive effort on your part is likely to win you the game. There (still) is no competition for those who choose to play this game on purpose.
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Shannon Hansen is an entrepreneur and coach who mentors select individuals in achieving financial and life success. Visit Shannon's site at http://www.LightfootAssociates.com
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