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Aug 17, 2007
Website marketing requires a different process compared to search engine marketing. Search engine marketing involves SEO practices and pay per click campaigns, while website marketing involves activities such as reciprocal link trading, one way link acquisition, banner trade programs, and script based marketing.

All the activities mentioned above seem to be extremely complicated at first but when you realize how to accomplish these tasks you will be able to widen your market audience and traffic. Many of these tasks can be done by socializing with other webmasters through forums or message boards.

Reciprocal link trading can be attained through mutual agreements among webmasters to increase the value of both sites by linking to related sources which would interest a potential customer. So if your website is about gardening then trade links with sites which also talk about gardening.

One-Way links can be attained by having remarkable, unique and useful content on your website. This type of links have more value when it comes to search engine optimization because they are harder to manipulate compare to reciprocal link trading. The principle of one-way link building is rather simple, the fact that you may have a great article or review in your site which other people find interesting and useful will cause them to link to the original source. The same can be said if you decide to develop a software tool, a game, or even distribute legal media to a niche market.

Banner trade programs are another way to market your content on other people's sites. When it comes to banner advertising the technical language changes. Many of these banner exchange are done through special scripts which allow webmasters to trade their advertising among a wide range of sites. The most effective way to achieve success through this marketing strategy is by measuring the impact a certain campaign has by analyzing the click-thru rate (CTR), number of impressions, cost per action (CPA) and traffic acquisition.

Another way to have a huge amount of websites linking to yours could be accomplished by developing a script which is useful to many webmasters such as a new content management system, link measurement and acquisition scripts, media exchange scripts, etc. This last step is perhaps the most effective SEO technique which can be practiced to establish a web presence. A clear example of sites capitalizing their software development efforts are: StatCounter, Youtube, Adobe, Microsoft, Digital Point, etc.

Perhaps the best way to think about software development and website advertising is through long term investment principles to assure creating a solid business plan and success.
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