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Aug 17, 2007
Internet marketing is not an exact science. There is no secret script or practice which will give you high search engine rankings. Now that we have stated this fact we can move on to list the most popular internet marketing and search engine optimization tips.

Lets begin with on-page optimization. Many webmasters may think "here we go again with the meta tags" but this is not the case. Besides optimizing the title tag for each page of your site the most important on-page optimization technique is to provide "quality and unique content".

Lets not assume that the word "content" only refers to text based information. Content involves having useful tools, free media (audio and video), create an easy to use and attractive design for your site, use interesting topics, etc. If this step is done successfully it would be extremely hard for your internet marketing campaign to fail.

Off-page optimizations covers many areas, but the most popular one is the link building process.

The first step would be running a PPC campaign or using tools such as Wordze/Wordtracker to research and determine the best keywords to develop your link building campaign which will show positive results.

The second step would be to visit webmaster forums and acquire reciprocal links. Avoid exchanging links with sites which are not within your niche.

Get one-way links through directory submissions. The advantage of directory submission is that they offer special and accurate categories which covers many niches and you don't need to provide a link in return.

Another way to get one-way links is by running an article marketing campaign. This type of campaign can bring fast results "if and only if" high quality content is provided. Many social bookmaking sites such as Digg, Technorati, etc base their business in providing interesting stories which generate a lot of traffic. The most important tip for successful article marketing is to optimize the article title using "catchy phrases" instead of keyword stuffing the content.

Run a pay-per-click campaign using the keywords researched on the first step to bring traffic to your site. If you offer a product or service then create a good "landing page" to increase your chances of conversion and maximize your return on investment.

Acquire high page rank links from sites such as Text Links Ads (TLA) or from Wordpress theme developers. The latest mentioned is an incredible way to increase your page rank since every Wordpress theme achieves a page rank of 8 or more!.

Ad new useful content every day which will keep Google's spiders coming every day.

Syndicate your content through RSS sites such as Feedburner which can bring a large amount of subscribers in almost no time.

Post useful information on forums which have content related to the site you want to optimize. You can also advertise through your avatar image and add one-way links through your signature.

Do not trust anyone who guarantees to get you to the number 1 position in Google SERPs unless this person is highly recognized by webmasters all over the world. Trust 99% on the information found on places such as "Webmaster World", "Digital Point", "Matt Cutts" and other reputable sources.

This list of internet marketing and search engine optimization tips could go on and on but nothing will ever happen if you don't start optimizing your site right away. Once you have tasted a small sample of success don't stop optimizing, keep reading and updating your knowledge. Remember that internet marketing and SEO are not a one time process - you never stop learning.
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