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Should You Hire Help for Your Direct Sales Business?

Aug 17, 2007
Direct sales is popular for a lot of reasons. You can get support from your upline. You can get into a business that already has an established name, which can help you with your sales efforts. Great products in an area you're interested in. You can sell to family, friends, acquaintances, anyone you come into contact with who likes your products.

There's a lot you can do just on a local level. You can go to craft or other vendor fairs. You can give your business card out at the drop of a hat... or without a hat dropping. You can build a mailing list of past customers and market to them.

But there's another level to take it to, one you might find intimidating at first, but that can be very much worth your efforts. You can market online.

This is where you may need to hire help. Marketing online is very different from marketing in the real world. You'll have to check the company's policies on having your own website and what you can say about the product there.

Now many companies provide you with a website as a subdomain of their website. That's nice, but it's not going to attract traffic on those merits. You need to have your own site, one that you have complete control over. This will allow you to put your own, unique touches to your site, making your efforts stand out to potential customers.

But unless you are comfortable with making a website, it may be in your best interests to hire someone to do the work for you, or at least to make the basic design for you.

You may also want help in marketing that site, help in answering basic emails that don't need your personal attention and so forth. There are a lot of things that may not be your strength or that you would do better to have someone else work on for you. And so hiring a virtual assistant to work on these things for you may be a good idea.

Your website should do more than offer tips on your products or telling people how to buy them or join your opportunity. It should offer visitors a way to contact you, so that they can get personal attention as needed. You can make general recommendations on your website, but a personal touch is very nice. And you don't need to expose your email address to spammers if you use a contact form instead.

Of course there's more to hiring help than getting a website up. Your assistant can help you with bookkeeping, sending out materials to customers and downline, preparing sales material and so forth. All things you would have to do otherwise, but it could be more profitable to pay someone else to handle these details for you.

There's no rule saying you have to hire help for your direct sales business. However it can be a tremendous help when it comes to growing your business and in using your time wisely.
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