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Creating Your Own Content

Aug 17, 2007
Generating your own content for a website or information product is NOT easy. Yet, as an infopreneur, you will often be called upon to come up with valuable information for your audience.

If you have a lot of experience in your speciality, and your writing skills are excellent, content creation will be a simple matter of sitting at your computer and banging away at the keys for a few minutes or hours.

If, however, you aren't wired that way, crafting each segment of your information product will feel like having your teeth pulled out - without anaesthetic !

But don't despair. Every problem has a simple solution. And after all, you have access to a global community of helpers via the Internet!

Before you decide to create your own content, here are some things to think about:

- Do you have the expertise? Are you really an expert? Can you write valuable, reliable, interesting content - and do it regularly? Most of your readers won't know much about your topic. But there will be the occasional expert. You can't fool your readers with pretence. Don't even try to.

- Do you have the skills? Can you write well? You might understand General Relativity. But the way you write about it might confuse Einstein himself!

- Do you have the time? Writing original content of a high quality can take time. A lot of time. Especially if it is an ongoing thing like publishing an ezine or subscription magazine or membership website, week after week, issue after issue. Can you do it?

After you have determined that creating your own content is the best option, you need to first come up with a plan of action.

Identify what your market wants. If you are involved in a niche where you are an expert, or have some experience, you'll already have a fair idea of what other prospects are looking for. If not, a quick way is to conduct a poll or survey, or browse magazines on the subject or drop by discussion forums to identify popular topics to write about.

Chart out a content creation plan. In the plan, include the nature of your content, the frequeny of creation, how long or deep your information product will go into the subject matter, and what topics or broad themes you will cover.

Budget your time and money. Make a calculated guess as to how long it will take you to create your content. If the time necessary is beyond your available time, then obviously this approach will not work and you need to outsource your content creation. In that case, see if you can afford the money to hire excellent content providers.

Take action. Far too many plans stagnate at the concept stage, because after planning there is no focus and sustained action. Don't get caught in that trap.

Monitor progress. From time to time, check your progress against your planned schedule. If you are falling behind, make it a point to get back up to speed quickly, before you fall so far back you'll think it easier to just give up.

Creating your own content may not be easy. But with the right qualifications and a plan of action, you could make a difficult task streamlined and efficient. And that will make you a successful infopreneur!
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