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Search Engine Marketing for Dummies

Aug 17, 2007
Marketing a product or service through the search engines has become a field where expertise is a basic requirement in order to stay competitive and achieve success. Marketing through search engines involves having great SEO work done to a website in order to rank high enough in the search engine results page to implement a marketing strategy or setting up a pay-per-click account with one of the top search engines.

After performing ongoing SEO tuning to a website and achieving a certain number of visitors and hits a day then it is necessary to further develop a marketing strategy in order to expand the profit margin. Organic webpage rankings are achieved through a variety of practices such as directory submissions; daily updates to the site providing valuable information, developing tools which are useful and targeted to a specific community, article submissions, advertising through signatures and avatars on different web forums, etc.

It is important to realize that in order to achieve successful results through search engine marketing strategies, it is necessary to have picked a good product or service to advertise, then perform a careful keyword research in order to determine the keywords which will bring the most traffic without running into a fierce battle with millions of other highly competitive pages, i.e. "running a mortgage website" would cause headaches even to SEO experts due to the fact that you would be competing with companies which invest huge capital to attract clients to their products and services.

So if you see a big obstacle don't try to go against it (unless you have an excellent business plan).

Search engine marketing also involves running pay-per-click campaigns in order to gather enough information to apply organic campaigns and to tap into high quality traffic which shows a great return on investment to dedicated individuals.

Pay-per-click campaigns are a delicate topic and not a recommended way to market products if you are a complete beginner. It is best to start reading webmaster forums which have a special section dedicated to pay per click campaigns in order to learn how this particular business practice works and how you can avoid loosing money on such campaigns.

Both search engine marketing strategies mentioned above are highly profitable if proper research is done prior to starting a campaign. The difference between the two is that PPC campaigns offer a faster way to test a certain market and results are acquired almost immediately allowing you to modify or correct your strategies.
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