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How To Become Known As "The Mortgage Information Person" In Your Local Market

Aug 17, 2007
As you may know, I'm a huge advocate of providing related information to mortgage customers, prospects, and contacts. The objective is to position ourselves as someone who is always willing to help others with the mortgage information and knowledge that we have learned.

This concept of "giving" works extremely well and my successes over the years can be directly attributed to this process. When you're a strong giver, the law of reciprocity will always kick in. The more that you give the more people will give back to you. And many times, what you get back is significantly more than what you gave in the first place.

So, exactly how do you build your reputation as "The Mortgage Information Person" in your marketing area? The answer: One snippet of information and/or one informative report at a time!

Yes, it's really that simple!

If you're not offering good information, you need to make the necessary changes to help establish and build that reputation. Here are a few areas (in no particular order) you can review and evaluate:

Advertising - If you're not offering free information via a report in your advertising, you're making a huge marketing mistake. By offering free information, you'll increase your advertising response many times over. In fact, offering a couple of report options allows you to target a specific group of mortgage prospects.

Customer/Prospect Lists - I hope you recognize and acknowledge the usual holidays and birthdays by mailing and/or emailing those on your list. Increase your mailing frequency by sending timely mortgage information and reports. You have a captive audience here, so take advantage of it and keep them informed. Even if they don't do business with you in the short term, they will probably recommend you to their friends and associates that are considering a mortgage.

Website - Checkout your competition. Most mortgage websites (especially those connected to a parent company) show a hundred different loan programs and very little if any information. They are trying to sell a loan product on the first visit instead of providing useful information. That's why controlling your own website and its content is so important. You can add and or delete pertinent information at a very low cost. No web programmer is required. You can write your own articles and in the process increase your search engine rankings in your local marketing area.

Business Card - Is there room on your card to offer free information. If not, you need to make room immediately. Use the back of your card if need be. Have them call for the information or direct them to your website and sign-up (give you permission) to send the information. Put your business card to work for you and promote your valuable information.

So, how long will it take before you become known as the "Information Guru" in your local marketing area? The answer depends on how fast you can get your information out there and working for you. It's really in your hands. Make the changes that are necessary today...and, you'll reap the rewards tomorrow!
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