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Lawyer A Career in Legal Services

Aug 17, 2007
Lawyers are the backbone of the legal system that affects each one in the society. Looked upon by the society, they have great responsibilities and are obliged to adhere to strict code of ethics.

Lawyers also called attorneys represent the parties in court cases or trials. They argue and present evidence either in support of or against the parties. They educate their clients about their legal rights, obligations and instruct in business or personal matters. Whether they are defending or prosecuting, lawyers must the laws and judicial decisions that would apply to their case. Lawyers job depends upon his/her field of specialization:

Private lawyers focus on civil or criminal law representing private individuals. They pursue litigation; deal with wills, contracts, trusts, leases, etc.

Trial lawyers specialize in trial work; they should be able to think and speak quickly with ease and authority. They are found mostly found outside the courtroom, conducting research, interviewing the clients, witnesses and other details that help prepare a trial.

Corporate lawyers work solely for corporate advising them on legal issues related to its businesses like patents, property interests, agreements with unions, government regulations, and contracts with other companies.

Lawyers who specialize in intellectual property law protect their clients claim to copyrights, product designs and creative works.

Patent lawyers advise on patent laws allowing the client to protect their new invention of a product or a process.

Insurance lawyers work with insurance companies. They advise on legal issues related to insurance transactions, writing policies, protecting the companies from unwarranted claims and actions.

Lawyers specializing in environmental law act for waste disposal companies or construction firms whose works deal with environmental issues. The help prepare and file for licenses and applications for activities, which may affect the environment.

Government lawyers on state level work as prosecutors, attorney generals, public defenders for the government, while at federal level; they investigate cases for department of justice and other related agencies. They help in developing programs, drafting and interpreting laws and legislation for the government.

Some lawyers work for law school or teach in non-academic environment. There are lawyers who work for legal aid societies like non-profit organizations for disadvantaged people handling more of civil cases. Bankruptcy, probate and international laws are other areas of specialization.

Lawyers mostly work in their offices, courtrooms, and law libraries. Those practicing privately have irregular working hours, while salaried ones have regular hours. They face tremendous pressure when their case is being tried in the court. Lawyers hold meetings either at clients home or at office, hospitals or at prisons. They have to travel to meet people, gather evidence, and appear before courts or any legislative authorities to present their case.

No lawyer can practice law without a license. Studying to be a lawyer is not an easy task. Educational pre-requisites for lawyers is four year college degree followed by three years in law school and thereafter passing the written bar examination. If one does not appear for bar exam, he/she is not called a lawyer and cannot practice.

There is intense competition for admission to most law schools. With large number of students graduating from law school every year, graduates with high ranking academic records from well known law schools have the best lawyers job opportunities. If a lawyer is willing to relocate to a new country or state, he/she has to take additional examinations to be a licensed practitioner.
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