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7 Killer Tips To Build An Interactive Home Based Business Opportunity Site

Aug 17, 2007
The home based business opportunity marketer has to take the viewpoint of the visitor. What is the product the visitor sees, when he lands on your page. The product is your site, not the links of your principals. Actually the product is the experience, the feeling, the visitor feels.

But the key issue is, that you have to plan a page, which has a unique look, copy and, this is more and mote important, the service. Everything of the site content must fulfil some of the visitors needs. In a personal style.And better than the competitors in the same niche.

This sets certain requirements over the site: it must offer an added value to the visitor, not just a link to the principals site. Successful home based business opportunity marketers understand that their job # 1 is not to sell, but to pre-sell with the content of the site.

The home based business opportunity marketer must look at his site with the eyes of the visitor and build an interactive and content rich site. The question is about the relationships and usefulness.

1. Build Many Paths To Your Home Based Business Opportunity By SEO.
About 60 % of the shoppers in the internet starts their surfing at the search engine search bar. When you are marketing home based business opportunity, this is the group, which you can draw to your web site.

These groups, the newbies and proven affiliate marketers, are looking for useful information, that fits for them. This information must fulfil two needs: it must feel useful and it must be targeted to the person in question. Both can build trust, which is needed for the purchaser-seller relationship.

All people, like affiliate marketers, like to belong to the community with the same interest people to be able to share experiences and ask for help.If the affiliate site can support its members and make members discuss freely about the mutual issues, this will build trust and repeat visitors over time.

There is simply a reason to come again, providing of course that the tips and advices are of high quality. The content is the king.This kind of the site gets feedback regularly and can be adjusted almost in real time.
2.How Members Feel That They Belong To The Community?
You just need to plan your site on that way. Period. It is so simple. There must be many related products to sell, so that the site fulfils the needs of many segments.

Let us say your site sells home based business opportunity as a core product, it can offer as related products traffic building service, marketing tools, affiliate marketing ebooks, templates, digital products and article writing.

The structure of the site content can be targeted to newbies, intermediate and advanced topics. Your autoresponder newsletter can cover these topics too. Speaking about the forum, it is important to recommend one in the content of the site. This makes them recoqnize, that they are not alone, they belong to the community.

It is important that you as a siteowner also post to the forum regularly and build trust among your own members. This all is an important part of pre-selling or trust building. Much happens between people and not so much between the site and the visitor. You see the difference?

This relationship is important, but as I call it, the site service is as important. Today people need service. The siteowner must service in many ways: adding new things to the site, building the site, writing articles, giving hints of the new products, etc. Or he has to know, wherefrom the member can get these services.

The forum is a great place to spy, what affiliate marketers need, what they cannot or are unwilling to do by themselves. This model, which I described above, is the model which the most successful marketers use.

The power comes from it`s ability to be better than the competion, because it responses better to the needs of the site visitors.
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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing, Is A Great Fan Of The Interactive, Content Rich Sites, Which Beat The Competition. For More Ideas And Useful Information For Your Home Based Business Opportunity . Click HERE!
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