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Internet Home Business Idea - Want To Get Serious Website Traffic Without Spending a Dime?

Aug 17, 2007
The most powerful way to drive traffic to your website and make tons of money from your internet home business idea is none other than writing and promoting articles.

You might have heard this several times that writing and promoting quality articles will get you tons of website traffic.

You might have even tried out article marketing and probably you might have got low success.

The purpose of writing this article is to show you how to get tremendous exposure writing simple quality articles and the concept behind why article marketing works and how it will work for you.

How article marketing works?

You have to write a quality article based on your internet home business idea. Your article should be between 500 to 600 words.

Try and include your niche keyword in your article couple of times. This will get you some additional exposure.

You are allowed to include your website ad and a link to your website below your article. You get traffic to your website from article readers who click on this link and visit your website.

Article marketing has proved to create hundreds of backlinks to your website in the shortest possible time.

When you receive hundreds of incoming links to your website, top search engines like google increase your ranking for your main keywords.

Thus you will drive hoards of traffic to your website from top rankings for multiple keywords on your site.

The main criteria for getting top rankings for your main keywords is that your website should receive backlinks from quality websites that have high google page rank.

This will provide top ranking for your website and drive truckloads of traffic to your internet home business idea for your main keywords on top search engines like google.

Here's another tip to get high ranking for your specific keywords. Make sure you include your main keyword as the clickable link in your article resource box. This will give you high ranking for that specific keyword.

How to get massive exposure for your website and why article marketing has not worked for you?

The answer to this question is simple. Here's the reason. If you have just started writing and promoting articles to drive traffic to your internet home business idea it is important that you have to give few months to see some decent traffic flowing in.

The reason is that when you write articles, it takes time for your articles to spread, then the search engines follow through your articles and give you top rankings.

All the above process takes time and it is a slow process. If you decide to write only 10 articles and then quit saying that article marketing does not work then you are sure to fail.

You have to develop a strategy. Write 5 articles daily and donot expect results first few months.

Once you have reached the point where you have written around 500 to 1000 articles that have spread all around and you have worked hard and given around 3 to 6 months of your time, this will create a momentum, and the cumulative effect of your 500 articles working all together to drive traffic to your site will be huge.

Now you can expect to receive killer traffic to your home based internet business from the work you have put for last few months.

Make sure you learn how to use this article marketing stuff to get hoards of hungry website traffic for FREE.
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