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Some Hints On How To Make Money With Network Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Not experiencing the success you thought you would with your network marketing company?

So you're on your 5th network marketing company because you just know this is the one that is going to take you to the $50,000 a month club. Maybe you've lost a bunch of money in the others and this is the one that "has" to take you there!

You're not alone out there. The statistics prove that successful network marketers go through at least 4 to 7 companies before they hit their gold mine. Which one are you on? What is it that you're doing or not doing that is preventing your success.

Let's look at how it really works.
In a nutshell, network marketing is a form of advertising that rewards its distributors for consistent performance and finding other distributors. A network marketing company can't pay commissions strictly on recruiting because that is the true definition of a pyramid scheme. So there has to be some sort of product or service that is being marketed.

Which company should you choose?
Most network marketing companies are very good. They pretty much all work, you just have to work them. The things you need to make sure of are: do the services or products work, is the compensation worth the effort, and the timing of the company. Lastly, you want to join a successful team that will actually help you get off of your feet. These are very important because you don't want to be marketing something that doesn't work or has a lousy pay scale or reinventing the wheel, or being left out to dry not knowing what to do next.

Can you really make money in network marketing?
Yes, there are several people across the world that have created their wealth in the network marketing industry. Don't think for a second that it didn't take work. Yes you have be on conference calls, and attending meetings and conventions, and selling product or services, and spending lots of time on the phone, and mostly motivating others to do the same thing.

What is the key to success in network marketing?
The main key is to stay consistent. There will be ups and downs, as with anything. If you have a product or service that everyone needs, it's just a numbers game. You can't get caught up with the "No's", you have to just keep on going. You can't be looking at network marketing as a get rich quick venture. You're just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.
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