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How to Write Ezine Ads and Find Ezines to Advertise Them In

Aug 17, 2007
Ezine advertising is a good way to start promoting an affiliate product. But, first you have to know how to write an ad. Here are a few tips:

1. Look at other ads to get ideas. Create a folder on your computer and name is "Swipe File." Put copies of ads in it that catch your attention for one reason or another. Never copy those ads word for word, though.

2. Know who your target market is. Take a look at the affiliate product that you are promoting. What group of people would be the most likely to use it? Write your ad directly to ONE person in your target market.

3. Create your headline first. Ask a question or use Action Verbs that will attract their attention. Free is another word that will make them take a second look. Don't have a long headline - 5 to 7 words will do. And, don't make your headline in ALL CAPS. This is considered "shouting" in the online world. "Capitalize Every Word" instead.

4. The ad itself shouldn't be too long either. Most ezines only accept ads that are 4 to 6 lines long (unless it is a solo ad). Each line of the add should only be 55 to 60 characters so that they fit easily into the ezine's format.

5. Tell your reader what (s)he should do next. "Go here to get more information..." or whatever you want that person to do once they read the ad.

Go ahead - write a few ads. I'll wait :)

Now that you have some ads written, what do you do with them?

1. Look for ezines that offer advertising. You can go to some of the ezine directories to look for them. Here's a short list of a few:

- http://BestEzines.com
- http://DirectoryOfEzines.com
- http://ezine-dir.com
- http://ezinehub.com

2. Choose about ten ezines that have from 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers. I make a chart of the ezines with the headings: Ezine Name, URL, No. Subscribers, Solo Cost, Top Sponsor Cost, and Ad Run Results.

3. Decide on how much you can spend to advertise and pick a couple of ezines that you can afford. It is VERY important to TRACK your ads so that you know if the ezines that you chose are responsive. The results of your tracking will go in the "Ad Run Results" column of your ezine advertising chart.

4. If you find an ezine that you are getting a lot of clicks from, give it a red star so that you know you should use it again.

5. You can also advertise using ezine co-op sites. These websites offer a service that publishes your ad to thousands of subscribers in multiple ezines. You do (normally) have to subscribe to these ezines in order to get your ad published, so use an email address other than your main business email. Here are a few to look into:

- http://mywizardads.com
- http://ezines-r-us.com
- http://subscribeme.net

The best advice I can give you is to TAKE ACTION! You must do something to get results. So, write some ads and get them into some newsletters.
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