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Bar Code Labels Serve a Multitude of Practical Business Uses Today

Aug 17, 2007
As technology has advanced so has the use of bar code technology in many industries here in the United States. Businesses from shipping services to local hospitals are using bar codes to track everything from packages to patients. Bar codes are essential where accessing, testing, or research functions are happening. Bar code adhesive labels can help your business to more accurately track items without the worry of human error.

Most all shipping service companies and the United States Postal Service use bar codes on all of their packages for the most efficient route and tracking information. Most likely, you will find a adhesive bar code label on any package you receive through these shipping services.

One of the fastest growing sectors to use these labels in their daily business is healthcare. Hospital admissions offices use bar codes on patient ID wristbands. These label wristbands help reduce patient processing time hospital-wide and decrease the possibility of misreading and miskeying information about the patient. Scanning this wristband before conducting any laboratory testing, the hospital can be assured they have the correct patient and information, thus reducing their chances of error and potential liability.

The emergency department is a key place where hospitals are using bar codes. Because emergency departments see such a high volume of patients, they are a prime place for the use of bar coded ID wristbands. Any emergency room is a very fast-paced environment where costly and potentially deadly mistakes can occur. With the use of bar coded wristbands, this liability can be significantly reduced.

It is not just the healthcare industry that uses these labels in their daily operations. Many businesses use them for asset and package tracking as well. If your business needs improvement in its level of efficiency, productivity, and cost savings, bar code labeling can be just what you need.

Any successful bar code system implementation requires you to have these labels which stick when they should, come off when you need them to, and are easily readable when you scan them. Bar code labels come in a variety of adhesive label strengths and sizes to meet any business need you might have. Because you want your bar code labels to meet you own specific business needs, you will want to have your labels professionally printed by a company with years of experience printing the various kinds of labels. They can advise you about the different labels available and determine which meets your needs the best.

If your business manufactures items for retail sale, you will want to contact the Uniform Code Council, and obtain your unique UPC code from them. This unique UPC code will then be the first six digits on all UPC codes of your product labels.

As you can see, bar coded labels serve a multitude of business needs in just about any business sector today. You will find a bar code system to be a big asset to your business when implemented correctly.
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