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What Is Your Time Worth? Why You Should Outsource Your Personal Projects

Aug 17, 2007
The first thing to do is to think about the types of things you might like to outsource. Whether it is internet research, bill paying, online shopping, sending emails or snail mail, or even making telephone calls, your virtual personal assistant will be able to do anything that you can do remotely.

Now imagine yourself in that position. You have someone on top of all those tasks. All it takes is one quick email from you in the morning, and by the following morning, you have a list of completed tasks and research in your inbox. You're not just making the most of your available time -- you're being productive to the point that you can be productive whilst you sleep!

The next thing to consider is what you can now spend your time doing. You could travel the world -- anywhere with internet access will allow you to stay in contact with your virtual assistant and ensure everything is running smoothly. You can spend more time playing with the kids and taking your wife shopping. You could invest your time in more productive ways and increase your earnings. You can go to the beach and catch up on the latest novel. You could go back to study and expand your mind -- the list is endless and only limited by your imagination and your ability to outsource the unimportant tasks of your life.

So what is that worth to you? Being able to forget all the mundane parts of life, and concentrate on the fun? Having the time to go see the latest film or do anything you want with your time --what is that worth to you? $10 an hour? $20 an hour? Even more?

The reality is; you do not need to spend more. You can free yourself from the menial tasks in life, and do whatever you like, for as little as four dollars per hour.

It sounds crazy, doesn't it? Four dollars per hour. Why isn't everyone doing it? The main reasons that not everyone is doing it, is because a) Most people never even think to outsource their personal life; and b) Even if they do think of it, they have no idea how to go about it.

To get started, requires a bit of research and planning. Start exploring work-for-hire websites, google "virtual assistants", and investigate companies based in India, Argentina, and other countries where well-qualified professionals earn less than your hourly rate. Subtract their rate from yours and factor in the cost of your time required to manage the project, to see if outsourcing personal projects is a viable option for you.
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