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Aug 17, 2007
Passive income opportunities today are much greater than it was ever before. Thanks to the net, passive income has become a reality for many people and is no longer a dream. It is money earned by you without actually working or putting any actual effort to earn. In early days, you were earning passive income if you owned properties or had given it on rent or if you were a silent partner with some business association.

Direct sales are another way of earning passive income. Today, several people are earning passive income through companies like Amway, Tupperware, or Avon. They sell these products themselves and also recruit other people to sell under them.

So, for bringing persons into this direct sales business, they are rewarded by given a commission of sales made by their recruiters. They are also called downline in network marketing business. So even if they stop doing the sales themselves for the product, they still make good amount of income from their downline which they have recruited.

And now, with the help of internet, passive income opportunities have expanded many folds and have also become easier for people to do. Individuals can generate it for years through writing e-books or articles. For ongoing passive income, people can sell the copyrights to their writing works and then make a small or even moderate commission from all future sales from those writings.

Also, good number of individuals has harnessed the influence of the World Wide Web and has built websites and worked for it until it is functionally almost automatically, with very little maintenance. But it does take a lot of time for it to be real, and that individual will also have to be alert to look for new trends in internet so that their clients are always getting better and quick service, and to make sure that their passive income opportunity grows day by day and remains consistent. Also, if one of their websites is running successfully, they may even want to duplicate this opportunity with many different online business and websites.

So if you want to increase your worth and quality of life, you must always plan to reduce the amount of work you do and at the same time increase your earnings. Now you may ask, how do you do this? Well, there is some guaranteed, time tested income generating techniques and investments strategies to first create and then slowly, but surely, increase your passive income.

Passive income can be created when you are generating money without putting effort or having to toil for it. As an example, if you own some shares in some company which pays you yearly dividends, or you may own a business which run almost completely by its own, or even if you own some real estate or property which can create rental income for you.

All of the above methods can be used to generate passive income. Instead of putting effort for earning money, you can now make money itself work for you.
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