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Drop Ship Wholesale Directories

Aug 17, 2007
As long as there has been internet drop shipping, there have been drop ship directories. It is perhaps these directories that have made internet drop shipping the booming industry that it has become.

After all, it is easy to get sucked into the sales pages and promises of a site of this nature. Who wouldn't want to be able to purchase name brand products at wholesale prices and sell them at huge discounts? Who wouldn't want access to an internet "gold mine" that allows you to sell items over and over again at huge profits?

This is indeed the promise that drop ship wholesale directories seem to push upon the prospective user. By comparing members prices to eBay selling prices or retail prices, there is often a very high perceived margin of profit, and it is extremely tempting for a browser to put down their money and join.

However, there are a few things that one should look for before joining a drop ship wholesale directory.

Among these is a large and regularly updated list of suppliers and wholesale sources. If a user is expecting to make money with a wholesaler or drop ship source, he or she needs to be able to find a directory that updates its list of suppliers on a regular basis. One should be aware of directories that simply compile a list and leave it stagnant over time. Services like this are likely to have outdated sources, expired contacts, and very few quality suppliers lost in the mix.

In addition, a quality wholesale directory has dedicated support for its users. One should be able to contact the company via a phone number, email, forum, or all of the above. In line with this idea, there should be materials that help a user to learn the ropes of how to successfully use the services that the company provides. This may include videos, ebooks, or webinars.

Finally, a quality drop ship wholesale directory should have competitive prices in not only their membership fee, but also the prices of the goods that are supplied. In order to turn a profit, a user must be able to find low enough prices so he or she can sell them for more.

While drop ship directories can make making money on the internet much easier, it is important to research a company before laying down money. Memberships to them can be invaluable tools if used properly, but not all drop ship wholesale directories are created equal.
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