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Blogging to the Bank - How to Make Money With Blogs

Aug 17, 2007
You've read them online, seen them in magazines and on TV, but what exactly is all the fuss about blogs? Technically, a blog displays commentaries, recommendations, and/or information in a chronological order that relates to a central theme or subject matter. However, to a marketer, a blog is an effective and informative way to reel in potential sales in the simplest way imaginable.

Blogs require minimal effort, little time consumption, and are completely free to create. Where can you get your hands on these modern-day journals? Blogger, a sector of the Google Empire, is the most common means. Other blog hosting services include WordPress and LiveJournal, and people use these sources to create full-time incomes via blogging.

Before creating a blog, a niche should be carefully chosen. The most effective niches are those that are not over-saturated, yet receive a decent number of searches on major search engines. There are many tools in existence that can help bloggers evaluate niches and find those that will reap the highest reward. After finding the right subject for your blog, one can make money from it from either affiliate sales or from Adsense clicks. In addition, a blogger can simply use article sources to keep blog content fresh, thus minimizing effort even further.

It is best to write a new post on a blog every day or every other day when starting. This ensures it gets a position in search engine results and gets the maximum amount of visitors that it can. In order to get exposed in the search engines and therefore receive more traffic, it is important that a blogger chooses a relevant domain title, domain name, and repeats the main key phrase throughout the blog.

In order to keep blogging efforts to a minimum, one can find professionals in the field to keep the blogs updated, or one can pull information from article sources, Squidoo lenses, or USFreeAds. Some bloggers choose to outsource their writing and hire a freelancer to do most of the work for them. If, however, you write the posts yourself, it is important to submit them to other sites other than your blog. When put your URL link at the end of your article, it provides a backlink to your blog, and thus increases your exposure in the search engines. This also provides free and valuable traffic back to your blog.

One of the oldest tricks to gain exposure to your site is to 'ping' your blog after it has been updated. This process makes the search engines aware that you have updated content, and it can provide a quick burst of traffic back to your blog. Some also choose to allow others to subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog, which has a viral effect and can get a blog a large amount of exposure. With a combination of these elements, a blog can quickly can a mass amount of exposure.

Many have found blogging to be a very effective way to make money on the internet, because they are easy to implement and cost nothing to produce. They are easy to replicate, and one can make money from them just as one can make money from a website. It is for these reasons that blogs have continued to increase in popularity, and marketers will continue to use them to boost their affiliate sales, their Adsense revenue, and their bank accounts.
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