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Why DIY Marketing Should be Working for You

Aug 17, 2007
As you may know DIY mean Do It Yourself. In England I understand that hardware stores are termed DIY shops.

Do you believe that wealth is something to squander upon ones self, or to rather give away?

We all require teaching and guidance when serious about promoting and making an income from a person to person home business. And any spirituality used in that guidance can't hurt.

Secondly, since most HBB (Home Based Business) owners are really NOT top notch sales people it behooves us to know that there are companies now selling information where they do the selling for you and/or indeed have real ways to help you find people to talk to. Some even make sales for you without you even speaking to a prospect.

You see times are changing rapidly. The old "Amway" form of running a home based business distributorship is fading fast. Catalogs, retail sales and home parties may be fun and good for a few extra dollars each month even today. But the old ways involved selling to your friends, neighbors or warm market, or perhaps you did mailings by sticking labels on post cards a soon disappearing. You either used the local phone book or you had to purchase telephone leads. You also might have advertised in the local papers or used magazine want ads inviting others to join your team.

You can do these things today, but the Internet has really changed things that can bring about prosperity. I'm talking about 5 figures per month.

However, we must know how to use such a powerful tools.

For example, with the exponential growth of Internet technology, the WWW can come up with all the leads that you'll ever want.

What kind of marketing am I talking about? Email leads means a huge percentage (perhaps 97%) of us will never make enough money using the Internet by making hundreds of cold phone calls or by spamming with hundreds or thousands of emails each day. Besides unsolicited emails are illegal.

Now one can earn a respectable income without suffering from rude behavior, breaking the law, boring repetitive no answers, answering machines, and phone rejection? Something has to change.

Furthermore, understand that if you talk to 100 people (that might involve making 300 phone calls) you will perhaps get 2 people interested in joining your opportunity. But those 2 might still not sign-up! Those 300 phone numbers may have cost you anywhere from $150 to $2500 depending on what type of leads you purchased. Even after all that those two people go on a monthly autoship and you earn maybe $30 per month. In the mean time you've spent $100 buying the products.

Knowing this you may jump into Google adwords like I once did. That can cost upwards to $10 per lead or as low as .30 cents, so get the right kind of help using Google adwords, or you will quickly find yourself going broke like I did.

Be encouraged! You will find answers when you find the correct group of marketers...The correct team...The correct mentors. If you can't then know that you can become the leader that helps others do the job.

By the way, I still do not understand where lead vendors come off selling you personal information about others to those seeking a home business. Anybody can simply Google "home based business" and find what business they want. Except when I do this, my computer says you will find 580,000,000 answers.

You need to find a system that works and then do it yourself? So how do you do that? Who do you trust? I know who I trust.

Have you seen those commercials on TV where people testify to having made thousands in their own home based business. Those TV ads, produced by lead vendors, encourage you to visit a web site to find out more. You are then to leave your personal information so they can contact you with the right business for you. You may agree, that there just seems to be something wrong with this behavior. Because the information that they get from you is sold to others as leads. Those who purchase those leads will then be calling you with there "opportunity". The good news is any advertising for a home based business if fine with me.

Today I believe, as many do, that leads can be created by the home computer user directly. Sorry lead vendors, but you should not have to purchase leads any longer, not be hounded by phone calls, or hound others with imposing phone calls. To quote a recent movie, "build it and they will come". We need a proper playing field for the game, however.

This is what you should strive to attain. There are many advertisers ready to obtain legitimate email leads for you from your own efforts. The leads that you will receive will be from folk looking to the Internet to earn a living. Leads from specific advertising are what you want. An email lead is created and sent to you when anyone responds to an Internet advertisement about your specific opportunity. This contact can also be a phone call to you to find out more about what you are offering...Attain that, and you have arrived.

This is what every home based business owner wants and should strive for...People calling to find out more.

Lead generation must be self-promoting. Your process is to understand how you use Internet offerings to help you advertise your home based business. The Internet advertising gurus propagate through affiliate networking. Affiliates use the Internet to spread their offerings by paying you an affiliate commission to find others like yourself. I'm affiliated with God first, then with affiliates that will help me find sales. Others who use the tools that I am affiliated with will result in a commission to me.

It may cost you a few bucks each month to obtain the advertising and promotion using DIY marketing, but since others will wish to do the same thing, you will obtain income from the affiliates wanting to join you. You will have an answer for them when it comes to marketing and advertising your opportunity.

It all begins with you obtaining your own web site. It's a win-win situation, and having your own site is a must. Get one at "GoDaddy" for $8.95 a year. What you do with your own site is to tutor others with the steps to do your business.

If you have found that buying leads is a real loser then get ready to accelerate your income because you will now have more traffic to your web site than you ever thought possible. When people respond to the advertising about your business, they will become an email lead where you can encourage them to your opportunity site by repeatedly dripping opted-in emails to them via your autoreponder.

There are many methods to drive traffic to your web site using such things as traffic exchanges, article writing, a blog, a training web site, videos on YouTube and press releases. At first there is enough to keep you busy at lease 8 hours a day for that 5 figure monthly income...Later just a few hours each day as your experience grows.

Until then there are two things that you require to make a huge income over the Internet. First, something that really benefits others, and second, working all the tools to help others find you and your offering.

Believe me DIY Marketing over the Internet is the best and least expensive way to your home business success.
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Retired CEO and President of IamNet, Inc., an ISP, now furnishes techniques to develop on-line businesses with a 6 figure income through DIY Marketing. Learn more at http://www.iam4now.com.
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