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Search Engines And The Effect On SEO

Aug 17, 2007
Search Engines look for relevant content when a person makes a search based on a particular keyword. So your website should have relevant content in order to rank high in SERP. It is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to your website by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. Search engine optimization can be worked into a site while designing it you can optimize the site after it is designed. The key for which the optimization of the website is done is known as the "Search phrases" or the "keyword". Doing search engine optimization is about creating traffic for your site. Search engine optimization can be performed on virtually any websites and is one of the most powerful ways of advertising for any business wanting to secure a stable online presence. Search engine optimization is big business.

The reason for this is people search the search engines for keywords looking for specific information. Place your keywords in the meta tag titles and description to make each page different, by creating this the search engines will rank your page better. Often when you're searching for keywords, it is easy to forget the real purpose behind the keywords. Many webmasters are using software that analyzes the traffic compared to the consumer behavior on the website. By doing this you now can tell which keywords are working and bringing visitors to your website.

Many webmasters worry about page rank, this is not the only thing you should worry about, you should promote keywords that will bring traffic, by doing this your traffic will increase and so will your page rank. The traffic that you get from good links will make a steady contribution to your websites success. Links from related or relevant sites are more important than generic links from unrelated websites. Incoming, outgoing, and reciprocal links can all help in achieving search engine friendly sites.

The most important thing you do is the page title. The title should include your keywords and should be no longer than 5-7 words at the most. The title appears in the browser and it is shown on the blue bar at the top of the browser. Words people are most likely to search on put first in the title (called "keyword prominence"). A title is nothing but a focal point of the content written in your page. But remember it should not be too long, at most it could be 60 characters long. An ideally optimized title should contain the top 3-5 keywords of your business. Spiders of search engines will not crawl the title of your site unless it is within limits and the title is effective.

When you hear the phrase Black Hat techniques people usually are referring to keyword stuffing, doorway pages, white on white text and cloaking, these people use these techniques to create huge amount of traffic. Such practices include using link farms, IP cloaking, hidden text, etc. Search Engines attempt to place the most relevant pages to any given search-term at the top of the SERPS. Thus, the best search engine optimization techniques are those that follow the simple rules above but with consistency. Using black hat techniques means you are trying to manipulate results shown by the search engines. These techniques are high risk or illegal and can get a site banned from search engines.
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