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Top Three Online Credibility Builders

Aug 17, 2007
One of the best ways to raise your online conversion rates is to guarantee to your website visitors that you are a credible website that is not going to take their money. The internet is full of websites trying to scam people out of their hard earned money. For that reason, visitors will not convert to customers until they know that they are not going to take their money. The top three ways to build credibility for your visitors is to provide live customer support online, have contact details on every page of your website and have a clear return policy about how your site handles returns. Having these three items will greatly enhance the trust factor of your website.

Live customer support software has been around for about five years now. Perhaps you have seen it on a website you have visited. The way the software works is that you have a logo on your webpage which states whether Live Support is available and when you click on the logo a small screen opens that allows you to talk to an operator. Essentially the system allows you to check out about the merchant and chat with their operators just like you would on a phone.

From the consumers point of view, the program gives them confidence in knowing that the service you offer is legit and there are people actually running the service. Also, it allows them to ask immediate questions about your products. Perhaps they could have a question about colors, sizes, or shipping and this would allow them to get immediate answers rather than sifting through numerous pages on your site for the information. More so, they feel comfortable that there is a way to actually contact you if something goes wrong or they are not happy with your products.

Having your contact information on every single webpage on your site will build your credibility as well. The reason is that it gives customers the ability to call you easily. If you try to hide your company and contact information away from your customers you will definitely lose sales.

The third step is to have a clear return policy and instructions on how to return items. While you may not like giving refunds or returns, it is a necessity to have a return policy because it specifies to the customer how you deal with a refund or with a return. The return policy simply says these are the steps you must follow in returning the products or getting a refund. By doing this, the customer has confidence that you are a legitimate business. One of the biggest problems with online ordering is that many people will not complete an order without knowing the details about the return policy. By following these three steps, you can build your online credibility, increase your customer conversion rate and increase your ROI.
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