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Church Fund Raising Ideas

Aug 17, 2007
Is your Church planning a fund raiser? If so, there are many effective avenues you can pursue to help generate money for your Church. The following ideas are great ways to raise money for youth group programs, helping to fund missionaries, to pay for a short term trip for a Church group or for any other Church business.

One way to raise money is to start a mailing campaign. It us usually possible to generate approximately $2500 by sending out about 75 well written letters to family members and friends. Don't hesitate to spread the net wide and not just contact family and friends but also local businesses. Be sure to send out thank you letters to all who give.

Rummage sales and bake sales also are helpful was to raise money. A small newspaper add and several families donating goods that they no longer use can bring in some real income. A bake sale can be done on its own, or at the same time as the rummage sale.

Another effective way to raise money for your Church is for a youth group to run a car wash. This is a fun way for the group to bond and raise money at the same time. It is also a good idea to sell car wash coupons ahead of time. Many will buy tickets just to support your cause and will not show up and others will show up from the world of mouth from those who prepaid for their car wash tickets.

Golf or mini-golf tournaments are a fun way to raise money and build a bond within your Churches congregation and the outside community. For the golf or mini-golf tournament, contact the course first as they should have a group discount and may even let your group come for free since you are with a non-profit organization. You can advertise your tournament inexpensively by hanging flyer's and contacting your local newspaper to post the charity tournament as a press release.

There are many restaurants that sell discounted and often give away free meal tickets to Churches for fund raising. Simply buy or get these tickets for free and then you can sell these tickets and raise your money.

A way that is quickly becoming one of the most popular Church fund raising ideas is selling Christian t-shirts and apparel. There are online Christian clothing companies that can sell cool Christian children or adult T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts and even hooded sweatshirts at a discounted price so that you can resell these at a profit. If you are going to buy these shirts for a Church group, free personalized text printing on the sleeve identifying your group is available. These Christian t-shirts are so affective because they evangelize with style and are popular with kids, teens and adults.

If you are planning to raise money for your Church, you can try the ideas listed above. Remember to make a plan, use official Church letterhead, and be well organized and professional when dealing with outside organizations. With a little preparation and possibly using a couple of the ideas above, you will have raised the needed money in no time.
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