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Why Do You Make Money On The Internet?

Aug 17, 2007
When the internet was first invented, I do not think that many people realized the endless possibilities that are available to make money. If you would like to start a business on the web there are several good reasons to do so.

Small Start up Cost
Many of the business on the web require very little in the way of startup cost. Even starting your own website does not require a lot of money. There are many companies that have services that start as low as $20 a month to completely design your webpage.

Pure Economics
Many people start their online business out of the pure economic need to. With the downsizing that a lot of the major manufactures are doing the job market has gotten a little tight. So many people started their business so that they could meet their expenses. With the small start up cost many people looked for a need on the web and tried to fill the need with their business.
For example a person that is having trouble finding a job might just reason that others out there are also having the same problems. So he or she begins to contact business that are looking to hire people and begins matching them with people who need jobs, for a finder's fee. Now, what was once your problem has now become your solution.

Earning a Second Income
There are many families out there that are having trouble making ends meet and need a second income is needed. With daycare expenses going through the roof it can become very cost effective if one of the parents can stay home and work. This completely eliminates daycare costs, commuting time, and other expenses that having a second income earner working outside the home accumulates.

Being Your Own Boss
Most people know that you will never get rich by working for someone else. So many people worldwide are turning to the web for income opportunities. An online business is something that you can start while you are still working for others. Once the online business begins to make enough income to support yourself, you can quit your other job. This business is something you can do that you actually love doing, instead of just having a job.

Expanding Your Customer Base
Many established companies use the web for additional income opportunities. The web allows you to gain a larger consumer base. Let's say that you have a candy making shop in your home town. People from the neighbor counties travel to your store just to buy your candy. With local advertising and word of mouth that is about as big as your customer base can get, a few surrounding counties.

If you set your store up online however, now you have expanded your customer base to anyone in the entire world that owns a computer. Once you get the hang of how to get traffic to your website there is no telling how big your company will grow.
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