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Opt-in Email List Marketing Tips To Build A Massive List In No Time

Aug 17, 2007
Your opt-in email list marketing strategy should be to get as many targeted subscribers as possible. The tips below should help you get more hungry buyers and if you develop your own personal style that resonates to your audience, you should be able to build a massive list.

I will never stress this enough; content is king and your subscribers will reward you if you can give them your best advice.

Let me give you more tips here for your opt-in email list marketing strategy;

One important component of your website should be your squeeze page. A squeeze page is a simple web page who's purpose is to squeeze some information, in our case their email address and their name, to build our list.

Don't put anything else on this page to distract them from this objective. Certainly don't display Adsense ads on your squeeze page.

Your squeeze page should offer a free mini-course or a series of helpful tips that can be delivered to their inbox through an auto-responder.

It's a nice way to get repeat buyers and bring them back to your website (nice traffic). Encourage them to sign-up by listing the benefits in bullet points describing the useful information they will receive. Sell it to them and make sure they know everything you will do for them.

Make an irresistible offer and post some testimonials.

Write some informative articles about your subject or service and submit them to ezines and articles directories. In your bio box at the bottom of the article, make sure you send them to your squeeze page to get them to sign-up to your list. Again, make them salivate at the thought of all the great advice and information they will receive.

You should see a nice stream of new subscribers if your articles are about popular topics as more readers see that you have valuable information to share.

If you have more than one list you can cross promote. As long as your lists are on a related subject. When people sign-up for one list, put the links to another sign-up page to another list on the thank you page. Point to them that they will not receive duplicate information.

You can subscribe to list building programs. Another way to boost your opt-in email list marketing. Some programs are free and you get to promote to a downline and others you pay per subscribers.

The effectiveness of this strategy varies but if you are careful and know how to write good copy, it can work nicely.

Either way examine carefully where the subscribers are coming from. You may run into problems later.

And finally a word about video.

There are tons of videos online. Youtube comes to mind as great source for videos. Have you ever thought about using videos for a short tutorial? This is a great way to talk about your business and how you can help them if they come to your website.

Don't underestimate this powerful opt-in email list marketing strategy.

Your squeeze page could also present a video clip about something you offer once they subscribe also.
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