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Cutting Costs On Office Supplies

Aug 17, 2007
There is always a need for office supplies as daily business transactions require the use of paper, pen, pencils, staples, paper clips, tape rolls, fax paper, etc. Millions of office supply items are consumed daily in many offices all over the world. Office supplies are important to keep your office functioning.

Normally, the costs associated with the purchase of office supplies account for about 40% of operational expenses. Companies are failing to realize that they are actually spending more than what they really need to.

Superfluous office supplies expenses are a waste of the company's hard earned money which in turn can decrease the company's revenues. For any business, cutting on unnecessary expenses can save a lot of money. There are practical and effective ways to decrease office supplies expense and with each employee in the company contributing in their own little way, it will help reduce operational costs and increase revenues.

You can start by taking an inventory of the office supplies on hand and arranging them accordingly in designated areas for easy search and reach for the people who may be using them. Supplies that are rarely used can be stored in a supplies closet while those that are occasionally used can be stored on shelves.

Old supplies like binders, folders, etc. can be reused. Instead of buying a new set, try to salvage old supplies that could still be recycled.

Discounts and markdowns may be given by supply companies if you purchase supply items in bulk. If possible you can stock on a year's supply of office supplies. If you cannot afford to purchase in bulk by yourself, you can gather friends and other colleagues' orders to avail of a bulk order discount.

It is also important you know when to purchase items and when the slow or peak seasons are for such. Sales, discounts and rebates are usually offered by office supply stores during the summer season. It would be wise to stock on items especially when they are on sale.

There are also many online office supply stores that can give you discounts and unparalleled savings. You can always search on the best possible prices online. If you order online you save both money and time. Orders are conveniently delivered.

Maintain a master list of your office supplies and currently review them if certain supplies are running low. Review your office supplies expense monthly if possible and try to determine certain supplies that are unnecessary expenses.
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