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Why Links Will Get You Top Rankings in Google

Aug 17, 2007
Inbound links are critical to your site's success. Here are some basic ways you can set up a linking strategy.
1. Examine your competition's links and ask them to link to you. You can do this by visiting site explorer at yahoo.com. Select "inlinks" and enter your competition's website in the box.

The explorer will now list all links to that site. Be sure to exclude links for the same domain because these will just be links within the site.Now take a look at the list and decide who to approach. Some results will be from cheap or paid for niche directories. This is ideal. Now submit your site. Some will be blogs which are ideal.

You could also post to the blog and get a link back to your site. Some will be from information sites in your niche. Also Ideal. These people will naturally want to know about your site as well and so the site owner will want to list you Sites that may or may not list you. Phone them up. People respond much more positively to direct calls, and ask for a link.

You may have to offer something in return.For example a free report on the industry which you have written. Or perhaps just simply offer a cash payment. One way links where they link to you and you do not reciprocate, are more powerful than a link exchange, although that may not always be possible

2. Do a search in Google for your keyword + submit or keyword + add url. This will list sites in your sector who are willing to list your site. List them up and systematically visit and submit to them.

3. Write up a good quality article in your market and submit to the main article directories such as Articlemarketer and Articledashboard.

When other people use your article in their site, they automatically include the link to you so that visitors can link through to you for more info etc. Make a note that good quality articles = good quality links. So the better you make your article the more links you will build up.

Another tool to help with your linking, is link survey. This software allows you to enter the top sites in Google and list up their inbound links. What you do with this information is then approach all those inbound linking sites and ask them to link to you as well. If they are linking to your competition they are likely to link to you for the same reason. Good luck with your link building. Google declared 2007 the year of the links !
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