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When It Comes To Effectively Marketing Your Business Its All About The Words

Aug 17, 2007
The more I study modern day, 21st century marketing the more I realize that EVERYTHING is marketing.

From the words in a TV or newspaper advertisement, to the words on magazine covers, to the words on a cereal box. It's all about WORDS, right? Words designed to get you to take action. And that my friend, is marketing.

Pay close attention next time you go to the grocery store or the drug store. You are constantly being marketed to with words. From the food you buy to the magazine cover that gets your head to turn at the checkout counter.

That being said, the internet has created a massive opportunity for the skilled marketer to thrive without doing the customary legwork and engaging in personal contact with their prospects by merely using words.

So how do you capitalize? Well, the one skill you need to focus on in order to succeed in effectively marketing your home business enterprise is...


It should come as no surprise that your copywriting skills must take center stage if you want to succeed long term as a home business owner and entrepreneur. Simply put, copywriting is putting your sales message into, you guessed it: words.

Since the face to face encounter has essentially been eliminated you need to be able to convey your pitch through the words on the pages that your prospects are reading whether that be an email, a sales letter or an advertisement.

A great way to polish your copywriting skills, even if you've never written a single word of ad copy before, is to create what's called a "swipe file." This is just a file of already successful ad campaigns.

Swipe files are incredibly useful tools. Every major player in the direct marketing world keeps a swipe file and for good reason. Everybody gets stuck for words and ideas at some point. When this happens it's good to have an example of past successes to go to and freshen your creative juices so to speak, and get the words flowing again.

What should your file consist of?

You should gather any material that has spurred you to take action, whether its purpose was to get you to buy something or just leave your name and email address. Copy the good stuff and study it. Realize what was in the ad that made you take action on the offer.

Look for layout designs as well. Bulleted lists are a big direct marketing tactic along with action words, headlines and sub headlines. You'll notice certain words popping up along with questions and statements that are all fairly alike but are tailored to specific products and services.

That's the key to a good swipe file. Gather a wide array of different styles from different copywriters and mold the message to your particular target audience. Study the material and write out many different versions of the same ad. Practice your art and perfect it.

A word of caution though. You never want to copy an ad word for word. That's plagiarism and it's illegal. In other words, don't take the word copywriting literally here.

Use your swipe file as an aid only, to sharpen your copy writing skills and make you better at marketing because remember, at the end of the day, everything is marketing.

Whatever you do, do not take copy writing lightly. It is your ticket to success in every business endeavor you will ever take ownership of.
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