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The Business Coaching Cycle

Aug 17, 2007
If you follow a step-by-step coaching approach you will surely be able to help employees improve their work performance. It helps to think of problems as opportunities for doing better in future. If you keep gaining experience and learning a lot then no one can stop you from achieving the desired success. Coaching can be considered as the synthesis of a mentors belief in you and the resultant help to set bigger goals for yourself. Coaches work extensively during an extended period of time. By doing this, work is focused and targeted to the needs of the client and they try to ensure that new habits and skills are developed.

There are result coaches who work with the client within a 3 or 6 months structure of coaching. The sessions are for approximately one hour every week either on the phone or in person. During these sessions the business coach tries and set goals for the client, provides feedback, ways of facing a situation and offers encouragement. It is like having someone who works with you and helps you succeed by giving you the proper insight. It works like a powerful alliance between two people and has exceptional results.

A model can be devised for business coaching that includes:

. The recognition and specification of the behavior of a client for improvement.

. Determining the methods the client prefers and the learning style.

. Exploring of the obstacles to learning.

. Understanding and development of strategies for the implementation of new skills and behavior.

. Practicing new skill sets and behavior.

. Seeking and giving feedback on performances.

. Generalizing and transferring the process of learning to other situations.

There are some general principals of coaching that every coach needs to follow. A good coach will think of the potential of the client and not his or her own past performances. With coaching people get the time and space to come up with solutions on their own. This is all about talking up responsibilities and building awareness. The coach can ask many questions to the client but for the coach, the answers are relevant just for two reasons, one is for the indication that the client has the required information and second, for the indication of which direction needs to be followed.

Usually coaches avoid being drowned in the details and the drama that comes along with certain issues or situations. They try and make the client look in to those situations or issues from a vision, planning and opportunities perspective.

Good coaches try to draw every good idea from the client and even take in the vague notions that the client may be expressing. Apart from this he or she will also tries to formulate some workable actions so that the client can achieve their goals. Whenever you appoint a business coach always make sure that you do some research and figure out why you want a coach and how can he or she will help you bring a change in your professional life.
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