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Sites Affected By Cyber Law

Aug 17, 2007
There are Cyber Laws that enforce the rules of business on the Internet just as the laws of the Federal Trade Commission that govern the way trade is accomplished in a business that has a brick and mortar storefront. Some of the Cyber Laws cover the transfer of money and others protect the buyer's personal information. The E-commerce websites affected by the jurisdiction of Cyber Law justice could be located anywhere in the world.

In the E-commerce world virtually located on any website on the Internet, buyers are protected by a buyer protection plan. Many of the businesses on the Internet might not divulge all of the protections and some will only make it a moot point in their site policies area of the e-commerce website. The E-commerce sites affected by Cyber Law are held to the same standard that is offered to anyone not doing business with the company in the non-Internet environment.

Some businesses will state their return policies in the product description and fail to list it anywhere else. The returns are still covered under the same E-commerce policies as those provided by the State in which they do business. The customer can still be considered to be in agreement with the stated policies on the product that is sold, even if it does not match the same product that is sold by the company in their store that is right down the street from you.

Many people wonder why auction websites ask for confirmation when a person selects a buy it now item. The contract that you are negotiating online in an internet retail environment is viewed on the same legal level as any contract that was negotiated in good faith and signed by a company that had no internet business operation.

This is true for contracts that are negotiated for any purchase, from a car to a boat loan, which are negotiable items that can be purchased online. The E-commerce sites affected by Cyber law are under this protective umbrella because the customer has a right to expect a good product for the price negotiated in such contract. The seller in turn, is protected from non-payment, and many auction sites have a dispute resolution center to clear up discrepancies and problems that occur with any sale that occurs on their website.

The auction websites consider each Seller on their site to be accountable for the products that they sell and how the item is presented. The E-commerce sites affected by Cyber Law are prohibited from selling stolen goods on the same legal standpoints as their counterparts who sell through a retail outlet with a street address. Any fraud conducted in an online entity can still be prosecuted in Court and the jail sentence that the sleazy shopkeeper will serve will not be in a virtual jail cell.
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