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Promoting Your MLM Business Using Press Releases

Aug 17, 2007
Press releases are used to tell the world about your business. They are ideal for promoting any type of business, particularly MLM Businesses. Press releases are used for a variety of reasons and in a variety of different mediums such as newspapers, television, radio, magazines, and the most popular medium, the internet. In this article, we will discuss press releases and how they can benefit your Multi Level Marketing business, when used properly.

What Is A Press Release?

A press release is an announcement issued by your business to specific publications and news related media. The press release increases public awareness of developments and activities within your company. Essentially, a press release is a statement made by your company to promote a person, event, or product that occurs within your MLM business.

Typically, press releases are used solitarily and sent to any of the chosen mediums via postal mail, fax, or email. However, many companies choose to make press releases an integral part of their complete press kits or send along with a pitch letter sent to potential investors, distributors, or clients.

When Should A Press Release Be Used?

This is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of concern for any MLM business. When is a press release appropriate?

A press release should only be used when you have something news worthy to portray. A press release has a specific format that must be followed and in general, it is the same for most all mediums. With that being said, here is a guide you can follow for understanding rather any aspect of your MLM business is press release worthy.

1. Grand Opening - When you first open your MLM business, this is an appropriate time for a press release. It create exposure and knowledge of your business.
2. New Partner - If you have brought a new partner into the mix, this is news worthy and again, creates exposure.
3. New Products - If you have added an exciting line of new products to your MLM business, this is press release worthy news.
4. New Divisions - If you have added a new division within your company, let the world know with a press release.
5. Events - Huge sales, customer appreciation, and other major events within your company are press release worthy.

It is important to remember that press releases are only used for news worthy items. You have to have actual news, it cannot be simply because you feel like writing a press release. It has to tell a story, portray news, and give your customers a reason to read the release.

How Can Press Releases Grow Your Business?

Essentially, press releases are free advertisements. If well written, they can increase awareness, knowledge, and interest in your MLM business. Consider all the money you spend on advertising, well, a well-formed and properly distributed press release can create more revenue than your advertising campaigns put together, and the best part, is that it's free.

If you have something to say, news, that is exciting to the general public, you will find that your MLM business begins to prosper. You will see more sales, more interest, and more visits altogether.

Tips For Writing A Successful Press Release

The following are some tips that will help your write your press release successfully.

1. Find your angle - What is your news? What will grab the attention of a reporter and a reader?
2. Remember The Format - Company Logo, Contact Information, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (or date of release), Title, Sub-Title, Body, Boiler Plate, and Company Information.
3. Make a Great Headline - It has to attract, inform, and lure the reader.
4. Keep to the facts - Don't hype up your company, don't sell your company, and definitely don't fluff. Lead in with solid and hard-core, verifiable facts.
5. Quotes - Use them, but sparingly and appropriately. Make sure they are exact and in the proper format. Attribute the quotes to its source.
6. Phrases - Some phrases instill boredom and instant dislike. Avoid using phrases that are "hype-like", such as state of the art, unique, and breakthrough.
7. 3rd Person - Never write a press release and use the first person perspective. Avoid using instances of we or I, unless these words are used in an exact quote.
8. Length - Your press release does not need to be several pages long. Keep it at a maximum of two pages, but shoot for a one page press release.

Writing a press release can help your MLM business gain the exposure and increase awareness. However, they must be well-written, informative, and news worthy to make it work for, instead of, against your business.
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