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What Is Broadband And Different Types Of Broadband

Aug 17, 2007
What is broadband is a query repeatedly asked by people who are interested in the service, because they've certainly heard how good it is, but they don't truly know what it's all about. For these people, if they have been using dail-up modem, all they have to do is to get a computer with broadband access and hook up to broadband internet and they will learn immediately what broadband is really all about.

So what is broadband? Broadband is a steady connection to the internet at high speed. It frees up your phone line and only needs a broadband connection, which is typically provided by your cable provider.

If you've been using dial-up for all your internet usage, you may be sick and tired of the slow download speed and the slow page loads. You may realize that you are actually sort of living in the Stone Age, when it comes to computers at least. With internet broadband, you only need to click a link to experience the difference. Broadband is much faster, more reliable and if you've never used it before, you are seriously missing out.

Call your cable provider and check with them how much they charge for a broadband connection. Sometimes, you can get a special offer if you're their first time customer because these companies understand that people who want to learn more about broadband are potential in trying it out. These companies let you try it out at very low cost, and sometimes free, because they know that once you experience the power of broadband, you will never want to go back to dial-up again.

Different Types Of Broadband Providers

More than a decade since the Internet has become a common thing in many households, an increasing number of households are making the switch from slow, dial-up Internet service to the fast broadband service. More and more people are taking advantage of higher speeds and enjoying the Internet. As technology advances, many differing and competing broadband providers come into place, each offering somewhat different flavors of broadband. To really decide what's most excellent, it helps to know what's different in each kind of service. This way, you can make an informed preference about which broadband provider is best for you.

DSL Internet

DSL, which stands for digital subscriber line, is one of the initial forms of broadband service. DSL broadband providers give their service through the phone line. The design of DSL allows you to access the internet without tying up the line for phone calls. One of the big advantages to DSL broadband providers is that they're common, they can work with any existing phone lines, and they're often cheaper than other forms of broadband. However, DSL is limited by a customer's distance from their local phone switch, which means this can be nearly impossible to have in some rural areas.


Cable broadband providers use the same lines as your cable television channels to deliver Internet service. It was the fastest internet service for a long time, and can still increase in speed that can't be matched by DSL service at comparable costs. However, please note that this speed is shared by users in a designated area, so the more popular it is in your area; the more likely it is that you'll see a loss in performance at busy times.


FiOS stands for fiber-optic service. It is one of the latest forms of broadband service. Presently offered generally by Verizon in the United States, FiOS currently tops the other providers in terms of speed. FiOS not only provides quality service, but also allows users to have their cable television and telephone service delivered through FiOS as well, for a good package deal. The disadvantage of Fios, right now at least, is that it's only available through one company, so you're not lucky if you don't live in an area where Verizon provides the service. Also, if you want to use this service, you may not have the freedom to shop around for the best price for a broadband provider.

No matter which kind of broadband provider you choose, you're sure to see a huge difference in the speed of your Internet service, resulting in greater productivity and fun with the Internet.
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