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The Number One Way To Satisfy More Customers While Increasing Profits

Aug 17, 2007
So many articles and books have been published about the current economical tides where the consumer is in control, and companies should do everything to serve them. Many entrepreneurs fail to do this, or think it's to expensive - thus going for non-maximized client satisfaction. This will finally result in business failure when a competitor goes for maximum satisfaction.

Other advice is about creating so-called WOW experiences. Giving the customer such a nice time, extremely caring support and delivering more then expected. This is also held back in many companies as being to expensive or to difficult.

The opposite is true actually, whether it is about customer serving or WOW experiences. In fact, experience has proven that it actually keeps customers with you for a much longer period and they also increase in worth with at least 150%

A simple Satisfaction & Profit Building System is the following, which after being implemented resulted in an increase of 70% in customer life and 162% average customer worth. The cost: a few hours of implementation, an hour a week to run the system and almost zero setup costs.

1. The customer nowadays has a lot of options to choose from. However they don't know their own criteria and simple don't know how to decide. Take them by the hand and teach them exactly how (not who) they should choose. Act as their trusted friend, not as the know-it-al or market leader, you'll regret that.

2. After you got them to choose for you and got your first sale, immediately inquire about their other problems and questions. See what other services and product they can use to solve other problems.

Offer them the services or products that can solve their problems immediately when you discovered his problems. But don't haste yourself, you should still make a good impression and sell them well.

3. Rinse and repeat until you solved all the problems you can possibly solve. Also do client satisfaction survey's at this point, asking customers about how they liked the solution you offered and if they still got some questions or small problems. Offer solutions for that too - think back-end products.

4. If you can't solve their problems, look in your rolodex or network for someone who can. Refer your customer to them and later call the company or person to let them know you referred them. Or, let your customer tell them you referred them. Most of the time you'll get a present or commission. If you don't, no worries since your client is satisfied and will stay with you longer.

5. After every possible problem within your expertise or closely to it is solved, find other common problems your customers have. For example a moving company can refer their customers to furniture stores, plumbing and technical services etc. Your customer has moved to a new city and might want new furniture. Plus they don't know the best plumber, the best handyman, the best gardener. Why don't you tell them and get a nice commission?
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