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Internet Home Business Idea - Churn-Out Dollars by Hearing their Voice

Aug 17, 2007
Here are 5 simple steps that will help you to get inside your customers shoe and hear their voice about your products or services.

You will instantly get answer as to why your product is not selling and what changes you can make to skyrocket profits of your internet home business idea...

1. Move to your lead page.

2. Check your follow up system.

3. Read your salesletter.

4. Check out your product quality.

5. Do the same with your backend products.

The purpose of this article is to make sure that you improve conversion ratio of your website and strengthen your sales process.

Check out this 5 block formula right now...

1. Move to your lead page.

Check out your lead page or squeeze page. What you personally feel while reading your lead page?

Is the free gift that you are providing your visitors on your lead page interesting enough to get them to signup as your subscriber?

Get inside your visitors shoe and ask yourself - "Is this website really interested to get me to submit my name and email to grab the free gift?"

If you answered NO, ask yourself what more can I include or what changes can I make to get myself interested in this site.

If you think everything is perfect, signup as your own subscriber and move forward.

2. Read your salescopy.

As soon as you signup you must setup a system where your visitor gets directed to your salesletter that sells a related product or service.

Get inside your visitors shoe and read your salescopy. Ask yourself whether the copy really gets me motivated to pull out my credit card and purchase the product or service.

If you answered NO, think what else can you include to make your copy order-pulling.

If you have done things right lets move forward.

3. Check your follow up system.

Now check your follow up system from your visitors mind.

Read your ecourse, mini-ebook, report or whatever you have created and ask yourself - "Is this free gift providing me extreme quality?"

By checking out this free gift am I getting motivated to purchase the full package?

These questions will help you out to make your free package much more powerful.

4. Check out your product quality.

Now check your product quality. Is it worth the price that you are charging from your visitors?

Does it provide top notch quality to 'WOW' your customers and convince them to become your lifetime customers.

Will they be interested in checking out your backend products and purchasing them in future?

Get inside your customers shoe and you will get answers to these questions. If you have the slightest doubt about your product quality take immediate action before it is too late.

5. Do the same with your backend products.

Apply steps 1 to 4 with your backend products and create more and more cash machines.

Make sure you learn and apply these 5 simple steps and boost up profits of your internet home business idea.
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