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People Management - 5 Simple Steps To People Management Success

Aug 17, 2007
Manager's have a huge role to play in the success of any business. Whether you are a one-man-band lookinbg to bring in a little help to start to grow your business, or a leader in a major organization, good, solid people management skills are the only ways to get the best from your people.

Here are a few to help you on your way:-

1. Develop Others Effectively

Your people are your major asset, so it makes sense to treat them with the respect they deserve.
Great people management is all about watching out for any value-creating opportunity that helps you do your job, as well as helping keen, interested and 'developable' people in your team stretch and learn, on the job.

This is a true win-win, with you getting much more work done - this time by others - whilst stretching them as well to new skills they can bankl for the future too

2. Be Very Accountable

Respect for any manager has to be earned. It comes from people seeing your integrity on show with every breath you take.

So, when the chips are down, it's up to you to use your people management skills on yourself as well as with others and accept that the business success or otherwise, is down to you, and you alone.

No excuses. Nobody else. You.

Your people will only learn that there are no excuses in business - only indivuduals who stand up to be accountable, win or lose.

3. Set The Standards First

It's a funny thing, your people need you to tell them the core fundamentals of 'how' you will allow your business to be run - and then they want you to let them get on with finding the best way how to do it!

In fact there is no people management conflict here. The standards you set for your people enables them to get all creative with their solutions - once they have the criteria of what's allowed and what isn't. The standards you create with them in the 'way' your business wilol run is vital.

A seemingly restrictive environment frees up the thinking and enables incredible success. Sometimes there are rules - then inside those rules there are no rules.

4. Be Very Determined

It's important to stick with your guns when results and achievements are concerned. You have greated the standards which are immovable, and now it's time to keep your eye on the ball.

On a very clear target.

Sometimes when things aren't going as well, it could be tempting to compromise with your people management skills, on both the standards of your business, as well as the goals and targets.

Yet this just leads to sloppy discipline and an acceptance that you aren't for real.

You bend under pressure - and even give way.

So now is the time to be very determined.

5. Be Trustworthy

If you want the best from your people management skills, you have to earn the trust of every one of your people. Trust can take years to build and but a few moments to destroy.

Trust is about:-

- Keeping your promises - or not making them
- Telling the truth
- Appreciating others needs and circumstances
- Sticking with what you say you will
- Listening to others and saying less
- Sharing information
- Having no favorites
- Being consistent
- Telling people to their face, not to others behind their backs
- Being sensitised so that your intuition works
- Assuming nothing
- Saying sorry when you've been in the wrong

People management is quite a challenge for many, yet if you get a few ground rules just right, you will be able to leverage the value of each and every one of your people without doing anything to their disadvantage - in fact they will be positive winners as well. Not to metion a very successful business indeed

What more could any manager ask for?
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(c) 2007 Coaching Businesses To Success. Martin Haworth is a Business and Management Coach. He works worldwide, mainly by phone, with small business owners, managers and corporate leaders. He has hundreds of hints, tips and ideas at his website, http://www.Coaching-Businesses-To-Success.com
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