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The Truth About the Online Business Opportunity

Aug 17, 2007
Whether your business activity is a work at home Internet professional or you employ several hundred in a city center tower you will need an online presence to make it and you are going to have to come up with a good corporate name and a good domain name. Here are some suggestions to avoid in naming your online business opportunity prior to set up your Internet site.

The first mistake many new work at home internet business owners make is to ask for too much input on Internet site and business name, from too many people. They tend to ask personal friends or family members what their new online business opportunity name ought to be, and what domain name it should have. The fact with this is that not all will actually comprehend the terminology and aspects of this business.

The subsequent rationale to avoid this consultative development is that you can only select for one name. This means that the more family you ask the more of them you are likely to dishearten and imaginably even insult.

It is far better idea to kick off the operational and other aspects of your online business opportunity by asking the view and occupational help of those few persons who have been chosen to have an intact management part of your venture and understand it.

You might pull together these individuals and have a brainstorming meeting which you all feed off each others notions. That way when the end results in a name each will feel like they have been a part of decision making process.

Another online business opportunity naming error is to tack and adjective organized with a noun to come up with one word former with a middle of the word upper case letter. If, for example, your work at online business opportunity was to offer sale of discount luggage you might be desirous to call it something like EconoPack.

It's bad for two ways. No one can look at that name and know what it is you are providing. Is it like a UPS store that handles shipping services? The other shortcoming is that the domain name may turn out to be econopack.com or .net. Which, without a uppercase P is even confusing. Luggage for Less could be a much better name.

If you consider the new (in the last five years) online business opportunity start ups that have grown available to become common household names, you ll see that they all took zingy, snappy, sparkling names that separate themselves from others and were less likely to be duplicated. They didn't take monotonous names that could be forgotten or worse yet, confused with other companies. Yahoo is one example. It could have been World Wide Search Engine instead. Google is yet another. Monster is a huge example of a name that is not only memorable but suggestive of high volume, power, hardiness and vast influence. Monster could have been Online Job Resource. What a blah name that be could have been.

All these began as a online business opportunity project by unknown working industrialist. Their selection of corporate and web site domains paid a great part in their capability to brand themselves and thus to succeed.
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