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Succession Planning - Your Business Needs It Right Now!

Aug 17, 2007
If you want to build a succession planning process that works well, you will need to build relationships with your people like never before.

It's critical to your success, because relationship building is the platform of all you do in business. Everything. It is the most vital thing that you do, without exception. Be it with your own people or others you interact with (who knows who is out there just waiting for your call!).

At the core of all great management success is the relationships that you build with your people. This might seem obvious and simple, and it is. Yet it is very surprising how difficult it is to achieve this step for many managers.

Sure, it is easy to be get on well with people and often this is a brilliant way to start your succession planning process. And sometimes there is a much more you can do to build that closeness of a relationship, which makes a bond between you and your people that is hard to resist.

And it's not that difficult either, because all you need to do is to learn, try and then expand your ability to be curious about your people!

If you are comfortable you are with yourself, with other people, managers are ideally placed to create usable relationships with people, as their employees usually listen. And although listening yourself is the more important activity, starting up conversations is for you to do.

What does this mean?

It means that some people who manage people, have an easy time and others don't. Those that do create the right environment for developing a great people led business and those who don't, well, struggle.

Relationship building is the core of all great managers - and for some, it will be a daily challenge they need to work at. One or two, and you may have come across them, will always find it incredibly difficult to build relationships.

For them, succession planning will never be easy.

For you, making the effort to build interested conversations about anything with your people will open up information gathering channels that will help you find out what they want, what their aspirations are and even, what their skills are that you never knew.

Having that level of intelligence about all of your people help start the succession planning ball rolling. By letting others see how you do it, your key people will be using relationship building as a very valuable tool soon as well.

Then you pool what you know and use it as a cornerstone for succession planning in your business. And that is a really exciting time!
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