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Make Money At Home The Smart Way

Aug 17, 2007
Nine to five jobs aren't the only way to go. In fact, there are tons of opportunities for self-employment that can be as successful or even more so than working for someone else on a full-time basis. The best way to make money at home is to research the options and go for something that appeals and looks feasible for you to handle successfully.

Before running out, grabbing the first opportunity and quitting your day job, however, it's a good idea to review the options and decide what you'd need to work at home.

One of the biggest benefits of working for someone else are in fact the benefits. If you decide you want to make your money at home, these might be things you need to consider replacing on your own before you proceed. This means examining the options and finding out the real costs.

Typical companies provide the following things for employees. Research the costs of going it alone on:

* Medical insurance. With the number of people who work at home on the rise, there are very good options available with recognizable companies for self-purchased insurance. Compare the plans and prices.

* Dental insurance. The same goes with dental.

* Life insurance. This is an easy one with many different kinds of policies available for those who are self-employed to purchase.

* Retirement. By working at home, you will lose the benefits a company-funded retirement policy can afford. However, with careful planning, investments and a 401k can replace this option, plus if you work with a retirement planner, you can structure your own plan to meet your personal needs and goals, not your company's.

* Disability insurance. If you think you needed this when you worked for someone else, it will become even more important if you're floating a business on your own. Check into what's available, what it costs and how much these policies pay under different circumstances. No one expects an emergency to side-line their home business, but they can.

After you weigh the options and find out the real expenses involved, the next thing to consider is the type of business you'd like to pursue at home. There are literally thousands of home-based business ideas out there. Some are scams, but many are very legitimate. With stay-at-home workers doing everything from freelance design and writing work to selling on eBay, there's literally something for everyone.

Choose carefully and be certain you can build up enough business to cover your expenses before you leave your full-time job. Otherwise, consider building up your business while still working full-time or part-time. When things go well, make the move.

Remember, too, that home-based businesses are perfect for stay-at-home mothers. A lot of the considerations about leaving a full-time job will not be present in this case and the extra money can go really far toward helping a family achieve its short and long-term goals. Once again though it's important to choose something that appeals.
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