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Special Report: The Secrets Behind Magnetic Advertising

Aug 17, 2007
One of the biggest mistakes I see made by well-meaning network marketers is the attempt to write, create, and place advertisements without any real training.

I just picked up this month's issue of the Home Business Advertiser, which basically serves as a targeted advertising platform for network marketers, spiced up with a handful of articles by industry leaders.

Here is the sad part: I am going to guess there are about 200 ads in the magazine ranging in size from small classifieds to full pages. Out of these 200+ ads, I found less than ten which were truly good, and half of those were professionally written and tested by the large lead companies that placed them!

The rest: Page, after page, after page, of wasted time, potential, and money. Unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing, DO NOT place anything more than a
small, inexpensive classified while you learn the ropes.

The one and ONLY goal of your advertising is to elicit a direct action from the reader which allows you to capture their contact information. Period.

Your ad prompts them to call an 800 number, or sends them to a website where they can leave their contact information in exchange for something of value. (You have to give them a d*** good reason to leave their info, Or they will not).

Whether you send them to a website or 800 number, those tools have ONE PURPOSE: To capture that information. Not to sell them on your business. Not to tell them about your company. Just capture their information.

Once you have their information you need to establish a good relationship with that person. They will only buy from you if they like you, and most people only like people they trust. You do that by giving them great information and great products that truly make a difference to their lives.

And don't just give them info through a bi-monthly newsletter, establish many ways for them to learn about you and your services.

This is key: The fact that I am educating through every tool. I am not hiding the information. I am giving it away, along with the opportunity to learn even more.

People would not be able to see the value of the product or system if I kept everything behind an order page.

Why it is important to have so many options? Because once a person finds something that could solve their problems, they want to dive in and learn as much as possible.

With a variety of tools, they can see it, hear it, feel it, and take ownership of it. And each of these items points back and reaffirms the original message: buy Magnetic Sponsoring because it can help you grow your business.

I rarely spend money on advertising that does not have the ability to create instant and automatic direct response cash flow. In other words, I almost never advertise just for "leads" for my MLM opportunity like everyone else out there.

I can, and I do, but as soon as that person opts into my page, they are going to learn about, and have the opportunity to purchase a retail info product of some kind, whether it is mine, or another marketer's product I am selling.

I advertise retail information products which are sold through an online direct response sales page automatically, 24/7. This pays for the cost of my advertising which means I can advertise endlessly to my target market (other network marketers) for FREE.
Caution: BE VERY CAREFUL when it comes to making income claims on your websites or in your ads.

The bottom line is that you are on very shaky ground whenever you list any kind of income/production numbers. The best thing to do is consult an MLM attorney before you move forward if you insist on using those types of figures.
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From waiting tables to millionaire at 29, Mike Dillard, is a professional marketer who has taught over 100,000 entrepreneurs from around the world how to tap into the power of his attraction marketing techniques. Sign up for his free on-line boot camp at: BuildYourOwnMLM.com
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