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Reign Your Domain

Aug 17, 2007
There's nothing quite as satisfying as building something from the ground up. Whether it's a business or a birdhouse, the effort that you put into the selection of the materials, creation of the plan, and actual work of constructing can add a lot of security and pride into your everyday life work.

When registering your domain name, steps should be taken to make sure that as you construct the web site that's going to run your business it begins on a solid platform of expertise and good decisions.

Name your domain

The first thing you're going to do when you start your web site is name a domain or buy a used domain name that mirrors what you are trying to do. If you are registering your domain it gives you the power to choose any name you want as long as it's not already used.

However when you register your domain, your information, name, address, phone number, business contacts and other vital statistics are placed in the registry log for the public to see. A wiser choice is to register your domain anonymously by going through a domain agency. For a small fee, this agency will list their information as the representative registrar leaving your information private for only you and the people who need to know. Private registering of your domain helps provide not only security for you but your business and credit rating as well.

Start a page

Many people register their domain name long before they have the web site ready to be put on the Internet. Perhaps they feel the domain name is going to become popular quickly and be taken up, or they just want to make sure that they have their own reserved place on the web for when the time comes.

Whatever the reason, leaving an empty domain space with no initial web site is an invitation to hackers to use your domain name for whatever they choose. Even if it's simply a construction page that asks people to come back when the web site is fully operational, you have something in place under the domain name so that hackers can see you are monitoring the name and your web host software can already be in place.

Guide and guard

Some Web registry services also offer, for a small fee, domain name monitoring. They will notify you if someone makes a domain name that is very similar to yours or encroaches in some way on your protected material on the Web. They can also watch domain names that do not belong to you, but may be of interest to you in the future.

If the registration of a used domain name comes up for grabs, the monitor will let you know so you can be one of the first buyers to attain this used name. Monitoring helps keep an eye on the competition for your business, and also watches your own domain name to make sure your business is safe and sound.

Making good decisions from the beginning will help you ensure that the web sites you construct will start on a good foundation and their potential is ready to be met.
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