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How Effective Is Advertising With Credit Based Safelists?

Aug 17, 2007
Simply put, a normal safelist allows member to decide whether or not to read emails sent from other members, while also allowing them to email members. The problem with most safelists is that most members do not read their emails! They set up a specific list email address just for these emails, and then go in every once in a while and just delete all the emails that they receive from the safelists. Why? Probably because they receive so many messages that it is impossible to read them all.

Why are credit based safelists different? They effectively do two things: make sure that your messages get read and that each message sent out will result in hits to your website.

How do they work?

1. A person signs up and gets a certain amount of credits. They can sign up as a free or paid member. Of course, paid members get more credits.

2. With these credits a member is able to send to as many members as he has credits for. If you have 10,000 credits then you are allowed to send an email ad to 10,000 members.

3. What happens when a member has no more credits? They must earn them, and now we find out why credit based systems are much better then normal safelists.

There are two ways for members to earn credits. They can be purchased or they can be earned by reading emails from other members. The number of credits you get from reading each email varies depending on the safelist and the email address that the message is sent to.

Here is how it usually works. When you sign up for a credit safelist you usually provide two email addresses. One is your contact email address and one is your list email address. Your list email address will get many messages, so make sure you are prepared. Use marketer friendly email accounts, many safelists now ban yahoo and aol email addresses because so many of them bounce. Most safelists now have a restricted email list. Try Googles new, free email service.

Once you read an email you must click on the link that says, click here to earn credits. You will then be taken to the website which must be viewed for 20 seconds. The average credits earned for reading emails that go to your list address are usually under 100 credits.

The safelist will also send emails to your contact email address, but the credits earned here are usually 400 to 1000. You will not receive many of these emails because they are paid solo ads which is an advertising service offered by the safelists for a fee. The cost depends on the number of members.

When sending out your safelist emails it is best to send out a credit mailing versus a standard one. Why would you send out a normal safelist mailing when you know it will not get read? At least with a credit based mailing you know other members will be seeing your website for at least 20 seconds.

TIP: You will get the best results with credit based safelists using a lead capture page. It is important to get contact information, why? Followup! The more persistent you are the more success you will have.

While normal safelist advertising has become pretty much useless, credit based safelists will provide results, especially if your email copy and website are unique and attention grabbing.

Some helpful tips for using credit based safelists:

1. Automate! Manually submitting to safelists can be a waste of time. Check out the Snazzy Freeware Safe List Submitter.

2. Promote a program that has a free sign up option. This can be very important. Make it a no brainer, less thinking more action.

3. The subject should be short and snappy. If your headline is too long then your message will not get opened.

4. Use a lead capture page and do not go for the sale right away. Offer something for free, get their contact information and follow up! What could be easier?

Are you looking to improve your ad copy? If you are serious about marketing then you need to be looking for new and better ways to improve your ads. Review some of those ads you get in your list email. What buzz words are being used? Are the ads long or short? What type of headings do you see? Which ones attract your attention?

This is what some call effective advertising.

Credit based safelists may change the way marketers feel about safelists. Considering the state of email today, would not that be a good thing?

Copyright 2007 Joe Rispoli
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