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Secret # 1 For Getting People to Like You: Reverse Affirmations

Aug 17, 2007
"You are not what you think you are. You are not what other people think you are. You are what you think other people think you are." -Unknown

You have heard of affirmations in all of the self-help books, but there is a twist you can apply that will make them much more powerful: Reverse affirmations.

Using the technique of reversed affirmations you would think: you find me irresistible, not: I am irresistible. When you tell yourself, I am irresistible," the logical part of you rejects it.

It is just not accepted because you might not believe it yet. However, when you change that around and think: you find me irresistible and truly get into the spirit of it, you will instantly reap the benefits and feel the statement is true.

Why? Because your mind might not be able to accept it coming from you, but it will accept the thought of it coming from someone else. After all, you cannot control what other people think, so you by-pass your mind's own logic checkpoint!

A person might say this is fake, that they know deep down they are not irresistible. I say of course it is fake. Of course it is not true yet.

The great thing is: It does not matter. It does not matter if it is not true right now. That has nothing to do with it. Belief has nothing to do with it.

It is only the thought that matters, because thoughts are things and will affect your body, your personality, and your reactions just as sure as a shot to the gut will cause you to bend over in pain.

Give this a try: When you are talking to a man or woman you want to attract, look into their eyes and just start thinking; you find me irresistible. Get totally into it, and let that thought change how you feel, how you are standing, how you are smiling, and notice what happens.

Try it. You can use this technique to develop and express your Magnetic Sponsoring Personality when you are on the phone with a prospect, team member, or conference call. Here are some quick examples.

Prospects: you see me as a genuine charismatic leader. You cannot wait to join our organization and work with us.

Downline Members: You find me an incredible, helpful mentor, and leader. You think I am the greatest sponsor on the planet! Etc.

Get into it! Say it with emotion and believe that it is real. Try it a few times with a smile, and you will instantly feel your energy and emotions change to fit those statements and make them true!
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From waiting tables to millionaire at 29, Mike Dillard, is a professional marketer who has taught over 100,000 entrepreneurs from around the world how to tap into the power of his attraction marketing techniques. Sign up for his free on-line boot camp at: BuildYourOwnMLM.com
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