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Network Marketing Success - Are These Myths Keeping You From Making Money?

Aug 17, 2007
Network marketing success can be yours if you're willing to learn what it really takes to succeed, i.e. learn how to market. You can't rely solely on old school network marketing ideologies, and techniques, if at all. In the technological age we live in, there are better and faster ways to achieve massive success.

If you're not having the prosperity you deserve, you may want to take a look at your beliefs. If you're betting all your money that the following myths will work for you and those you bring into your business, than you better go take a look at the high failure rate in the home business industry before you go broke. Here are some myths that may be draining your wallet - literally.

Myth # 1: You have to recruit your family into your opportunity.

In the early days, and even now, some people think that they've got to get their family into their business and on their products regardless of whether or not their family members are qualified or even interested in what they have to offer. They feel that their family has an obligation to be involved in some aspect of their business.

This way of thinking and marketing can be counterproductive in many instances. First of all, when you approach your family about your opportunity or product, there's a high chance that you will get your offer rejected, not to mention ridiculed. You then immediately begin to then think that there's something wrong with the product, the company, or even you.

Recruiting your family can be the worse thing to do, especially when there are better qualified people looking for an opportunity. Look at the time you're wasting going after family members who are not qualified to run their own life, let alone their own business. Time is money. When you waste time with these types of people, you are losing money that could've been in your pocket if you had prospected more qualified individuals to begin with.

Lesson one: Stop trying to recruit unqualified family members. They will bring you and your business down. Go after more qualified individuals. You will save your pride and your time, not to mention give yourself a greater chance to make money with real prospects for your opportunity.

Myth # 2: Anyone can do this business.

If this myth was true, then there wouldn't be so many people failing in this industry. I remember reading a post in a work at home forum from a lady who said she'd rather work at McDonalds and earn a steady paycheck than take a risk and be in a home business. It's kind of shocking in a way, but not really. Let's face it, some people do not have what it takes to succeed. There are people who don't want to run a business.

Network marketing success basically comes down to skills and desire. There's many desire-less people walking around on the face of the earth. I'm sure you know a few of these people. They invest their time into complaining about their situation rather than trying to take action to change it. Many of these people are family and friends, which brings us back to myth #1. If a person has not shown any desire, nor taken any action to improve their lives, why would they be a good business partner in any business, let alone yours?

Marketing skills are essential, unless you want to build your business from your tired and weary warm market or a lead list. These skills can be learned if you have desire to achieve network marketing success. Lesson two: Stop trying to sugarcoat the truth. Not everyone can succeed in this industry.

When you set standards and become clearer as to the type of person you want in your business, your business will take on a life of its own. When you combine that with real marketing (not the type of stuff your grandfather did in his Amway days), your business will reach new heights that you never dreamt of. Network marketing success can be yours if you're not willing to give in wholeheartedly to the myths.
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