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How To Send And Receive E-Greeting Cards Safely

Aug 17, 2007
In the recent past, e-greeting cards have become increasingly popular. E-cards are an easy and convenient way of sending e-cards to loved ones, and can also be used for business promotion. The e-card have numerous ways of saying the same thing differently, whether it is sorry, thank you, or Thinking of You, you no longer need to revert to the traditional card.

How safe are E-cards?

With the rise of the Internet, there are a number of e-greeting card companies online today. These companies could be running for-profit sites or non-profit organizations that use e-greeting cards as a way to boosting membership. In addition, there are many photographers and independent artists who use e-greetings as a way of exposing their skills to the audience.

You will find many themes and styles, but have you ever considered the fact that these e-cards could be dangerous? Having said that, many e-greeting cards you get from friends could be easy to use and safe. However, since there many e-greeting card scams doing the rounds now, make sure you are not the next victim e-greeting card scam.

Dangers of an e-card

It is believed that using e-greeting cards is the best technique used by cyber criminals to spread specifically keylogger spyware and malicious exploits. Researches have brought to light various online scams, wherein a cyber criminal sends out e-greetings notifications to thousands of consumers. E-greeting card users were infected with keyloggers that stole usernames, credit card numbers and passwords.

When a recipient clicks on the emailed e-card, he would be linked to the cyber criminals server, which tries to infect via a key logger and a root kit. Thereafter, he would be transferred to the respective e-card to view the original card. The recipient is totally oblivious to the fact that a keylogger is capturing his credit card numbers, user names, passwords, and other important identity information and providing the same to criminals.

How to avoid fake e-cards

. If you are doubtful of an e-greeting card you received, avoid opening it.

. Scrap e-greeting cards from unknown senders. Receiving an e-card from someone you dont know is weird.

. Avoid clicking on links or open attachments or download from unknown sources.

. Never acknowledge terms of a company without understanding the rules and regulations. There was a case of an e-greeting scam wherein users were asked to accept the terms, which included a clause that the company wanted access to the users contact list and forward messages to all the contact emails mentioned!

. Use latest anti-virus software.

. Dont open any e-card with attachments. It may be too late till you finally know what that attachment really is.

. Avoid opening attachments, which look as if they have come from coworkers or friends may put you at risk.

Be alert and skeptical. If mail appears suspicious, be precautious. Dont forget, Trojans could make phony e-cards look like they have come from a family member or a friend. Therefore, be on your guard.
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