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Sell More Books With a Sales Letter On Your Book Web Site

Aug 17, 2007
First things first; words sell not graphics or flashy websites. Pretty pictures and web design have never sold anyone anything; only words can do that. You must write to convince people to take action.

Most prospects will never pull out their wallets because they like your web design; they do so only when your words convince them to. Here are some tips and a template to create compelling sales letters that sell your book:

1. Create a compelling (must get information) headline

Researchers have proven negative headlines works best. For example, "Stop Making these Site Mistakes and Discover 10 Vital Things to Do Right Now" will get the attention of anyone struggling to make sales online using their website. It will make them want to read more.

The same goes for "Don't Even Think About Skipping This Page!" People by nature are attracted to the negative. Why do you think the Jerry Springer's show is so popular or even Desperate Housewives. People react to the negative in spite of themselves. It will create a curiosity pull.

2. Avoid all caps or bold caps in your headlines.

All caps reduces the readability of your copy. It makes it harder to understand. It interrupts the flow of your message and slows your reader down. Use bold to emphasize a point and underlined to especially emphasize. Headlines can have every other word starting with the first letter capped. The variety will be much more effective than all caps.

3. Write compelling copy.

Draw your reader in like a big fish on a hook. Entice them to want to know more and more. It takes practice but use the copy that sold you as a template. Use benefits including the interactive and the enticing format.

4. Connect your dots.

Create copy that flows smoothly from point to point. Again, it takes a little practice but you can achieve great flow by pinpointing your transitional points. Smooth them by using transitional paragraphs and new point headlines. If written correctly, long copy works best.

5. Create a sales template file.

Start a file with all the good sales letters you encounter along the way. You can learn a lot by studying other successful letters. Don't plagiarize (copy word for word.) Use the good letters you collect as your templates.

6. Gather testimonials.

Strategically sprinkle them in your copy. They help build creditability and are important to achieve maximum sales. If you having problems getting some, consider offering your product free to 3-5 people to get some good written testimonials.

7. Make your copy error-free.

If you have misspelled words or incomplete sentences, you will lose sales. Design your copy to be specific. Vague copy will also hinder your sales. It will prompt a lot of questions. If you are getting sales without questions, you know you have done a good job with your sales copy.

8. Make your copy effective.

If you have written your sales letter in one sitting; it's not as effective as it could be. Write it one day and then revise the next day. Read it out loud. To measure how effective it is, look at how people read it versus how many actually buy. Install a hit counter to measure your success.

9. Write short sentences and paragraphs.

Short sentences and paragraphs will help the readability of your copy. Especially, if your letter is long, you will have better success with keeping the attention of your prospect.

10. Focus on benefits and not features.

Always focus more on your benefits than the features. Explain your benefits. Benefits are what moves people to act. For example, "This air conditioner (your product/service) will save you time, effort, energy and money because of the built in features."
It creates more value if you said, "Think of all the time, energy and money this air conditioner will provide you with it's lifetime guarantee," instead of "This air conditioner will last a lifetime."

You don't have to be a famous copywriter to write effective sales letters. In fact, you have everything it takes to write an order-pulling sales letter for your book. You have the passion, the knowledge of your product (book) and now the sales letter template. Follow the above 8 steps to get organized and then write your compelling letter to convince every prospect that your book is the one they want.
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Earma Brown, 12 year author and business owner helps small business owners and writers effectively write and market their books! Earma mentors others through her monthly ezines and columns. Send any email to 21days@book-marketing-help.com for free column "21 Days to Effective Marketing" or visit her at http://www.book-marketing-help.com
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