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Use Delegation to Improve Your Bottom Line

Aug 17, 2007
Look around you. How many people do you see? Unless you happen to be sitting near a mirror, chances are, if you're an online business owner who's just starting up a business, it's likely that you don't see anyone. It's just you: you are the first to arrive in the morning, the last to leave at night, and no one else is around to help you.

Many online entrepreneurs may not consider delegation to be an option. After all, who else can you delegate to but the person in the mirror?

There are actually plenty of ways you can delegate. After all, wouldn't it be great if you could get someone else to do some of the work, leaving you to do what you enjoy? Here are a few ideas to help you get started in delegation:

1. There are several sites that can provide fantastic professional services for a reasonable price. Sites like guru.com or elance.com are two of the leading sites and you'll be able to find professionals there who can create web sites, develop marketing plans, write web copy, and even do your front-end sales. In fact, someone can literally operate a business with no skills, simply by farming out all aspects of that business to the freelancers hired on these sites.

So you don't have to learn to code anymore: someone can do that for you. You don't have to set up an accounting system for your business, someone can do that for you! All you do is post the job and freelancers will bid on the project. Then, you just find the one who matches the skills you need.

2. If some of your work is onsite, some local temp agencies may be able to help you find a temporary employee to help you out for a day or two. Decide what you don't like to do and call a placement agency for help.

3. Sometimes, if money is really tight, you might be able to arrange an internship with a community college or night school business course student. These students often want the experience, are willing to work hard, and don't always need the money (especially if they get course credit).

Find a college or night school that is appropriate to your needs (financial management? Web development?) and contact the professor. They may be able to recommend their star students and ask you to grade the student for extra credit.

4. One area of business that is gaining popularity and is still underpriced (because it is so new) is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). These are often overseas call centers that manage various aspects of back office administration from finances to human resources to answering the telephone.

Depending on your needs, any of these 4 solutions could help save you money, and make you money. They'll free you up to do the part of the job you're good at, and they'll allow you to delegate the stuff you don't to do.
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